The Traumatizer - 2004 - Vendlus
The Switch To Turn Off Mankind - 2007 - Vendlus

Audiopain image

G= SVERRE DAEHLI>>Incinerator

B= Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Manimalism>>PETTER BERNTSEN>>Virus, Manimalism

D= Bjarne Guntveit – Nekromantheon, Deathhammer, Flight>>CHRISTIAN HOLM>>Nekromantheon, Deathhammer, Flight

History & Biography
Audiopain was formed in 1996 as a thrash metal band with black lyrics. The LVT demo was released in 1998. The band's 1996 Contagious demo was reissued by Vendlus Records in 2005. A split with Mysticum was issued in 2003 through Worship Him Records. The Traumatizer was released independently and then licensed to Vendlus and Misantropica Enterprizes. An independent EP called A Bomb's View preceded the band’s 2007 album.

Audiopain and Nekromantheon shared a split release in 2010. The Ones Led Astray was a digital 2013 compilation. The band became inactive and Incinerator was heard with a release called Awakened By Evil in 2019.


Here is another Audiopain demo deemed fit for re-release by Vendlus Records. This demo contains six songs, The Scourge, Mechanic Commando, The Hunt, Gospels From Hell, Relinquished and Glorious Beings, which are inspired by Kreator, Darkthrone and Slayer. The band places its best song up front, of course. The Scourge is vicious and wild and a great example of how to play thrash metal. Not all the music is fast and unrestrained though. Mechanic Commando, for instance, is slower and tepid. The Hunt has Slayer influences all over it, has a nice sliding riff and is more elaborate. The song has the demo/album's best lead guitar part. The vocals still sound wicked and have a desperate quality to them. The frontman puts his angry phrasing to good use.
Whether 1986 is value for money given its delayed release and non-current nature is questionable. Either way, the CD represents a moment in time and one which will be most cherished by thrash metal purists. - Anna Tergel

This band has been around for at least eight years, yet has managed to find next to no profile. The Norwegian band's early demo was called Contagious and it is that release that Vendlus, for whatever reason, has decided to reissue after so many years.
The band thrashes like it is 1985! Kreator's influence is obvious. Moreover, the band brings names like Destruction and Destructor to mind. The music is basic, the riffs simple, the drumming rudimentary and, save for a bout of lounge music as the title track, the band is all about vicious anger and nothing else. Case in point is the lyrics to opening song He Who Walks Among You which airs the band's rapist fantasy. For diehard underground thrash metal mavens only. - Anna Tergel