The Calling - 2004 - Rivel

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Audiovision is the metal side-project of Narnia's Christian Rivel, also manager of Rivel Records. The band featured numerous guest musicians, like Jeff Scott Soto, Tony Franklin of Blue Murder, Mic Michaeli of Europe, Candlemass' Thomas Vikström and many others. Audiovision was heard on the Sweet tribute album The Sweet According To Sweden with the song Love Is Like Oxygen (featuring the aforementioned Soto) which also appeared on the band's debut. The Calling was issued in Japan through King Records.


Audiovision might be the 'solo' project of label proprietor Christian Rivel, but there are five members credited on the album's jacket and even more appear on different songs. In this sense, Audiovision is more like Worldvision. Musically, the band plays average to above average heavy metal featuring a mix of reasonable riffs and some very good and effective songs like Read Between The Lines and Face To Face. The former song, for instance, feature some nifty guitars and genuinely heavy riffs, while the latter lets loose and rocks. On the other hand, Evil Or Divine has silly keyboards and a consciously too catchy a refrain that becomes ill-advised fast. The album's most spectacular moment, sadly one should say, comes courtesy of a cover of Sweet's Love Is Like Oxygen. It is well-executed and the band is proud of it, but why do yet another cover version in this day and age of cover song overload - the label has released a Sweet tribute CD - and should one not be worried when someone else's song is a band's coup de grace? Regardless, Audiovision does have merit and there are songs on the album that are better than the average yuck being released out there presently. - Ali "The Metallian"