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Eos - 1998 - Serious

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G= THOMAS BROBERG - Allan Iversen



History & Biography
Formed in 1996, the same year saw the release of the Childhood Memories demo which was recorded by Jacob Hansen who duly signs the band to his Serious Entertainment. Prutten Records releases the 7" I'll Cry Alone following which the band changes names and records Eos for Serious. 1999 saw the release of the Sadiam EP. Guitarist Broberg being a graphics artist designed the album's artwork. Despite the demise of Serious Entertainment beginning of 2001 saw the band in the studio with Hansen to record a four track promo CD and the band's signing to Intrometal Management of Copenhagen.


This is what Sentenced should have become and In Flames want to be. The Danish band named for the soothing light of dawn has now issued its second release, the MCD follow-up to its debut Eos. Having not had the fortune of hearing the aforementioned album, my reaction to this four-song CD is one of pleasant surprise. Considering the band and album name and the suspect cover, one would be forgiven for reading much into the band's descriptions of the band as melodic or rocky. In fact, Aurora is one of the better underground talents of today. Things kick off with the powerful vocals and well thought out drumming, take to new heights with the bombastic musicianship overall and soar above most albums courtesy of the amazing production. Producer Jacob Hansen manages to present the album with ample air supply via a clear and ultra-powerful sound. Recorded and mixed in just three days, bands better book early with this guy! Aurora understands that the best melodies can be created on guitars and executes on that premise like a slap in the face of all pretenders. The Danes brush past the likes of In Flames et al to not only produce a completely pleasurable heavy album, but also manage to do so with a sense of originality scarce on today's scene. Are these guys the new kings of melodic metal? - Ali "The Metallian"