Praise The Archaic lights Embrace - 1999 - Independent
Northern Lights - 2000/2001 - Independent/Diehard
Time, Unveiled - 2002 - Diehard
Relinquish - 2006 - Nightsky

S= Lestregus Nosferatus >>RON VENTO
G= Lestregus Nosferatus >>RON VENTO
B= Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert - Lestregus Nosferatus >>RON VENTO
D= Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Hate Eternal>>Derek Roddy>>Hate Eternal, Nile, Council Of The Fallen, Internecine, Fleshgrind, Today Is The Day - Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth, Agiel>>Tim Yeung>>Decrepit Birth, Vital Remains, All That Remains, World Under Blood, Pestillence, Westfield Massacre, I Am Morbid - Nile, Malevolent Creation, God Dethroned, Flatulation, Angelcorpse>>TONY LAUREANO>>Dimmu Borgir, 1349, Nachtmystium, Death Metal Allstars, Skeletonwitch, Devil’s Highway
K= Lestregus Nosferatus >>RON VENTO

Essentially a one-man band, Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights - and no the band isn't Canadian, Russian or..) is a speed metal band formed in 1994 by Ron Vento following his departure from Georgia's Lestregus Nosferatus.

Ron later recruited a drummer and managed to graduate from independence to Diehard Music. A 1996 MCD was called Mansions Of Eternity. The band can also be heard on several tribute albums.

After failing to find a label for its album, the band decided to self-release its next album, entitled Relinquish, through Nightsky Productions in 2006. Aurora Borealis was issuing an independent CD called Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything in 2011.


It's hard to believe that a band with two members is any good. Ron Vento the AB main man pulls it off with a little help from drum nomad Derik Roddy. While band and label falsely believe black metal is a vocal style or a function of the speed of the music, readers of The Underground Review certainly know better and understand that Aurora Borealis is a very heavy, speed metal band, and a good one too. Harsh, grating vocals top blazingly fast guitar harmonies, while the blasting drums cleanly pummel all things mundane. Nice, if rarely used, soloing too can be added to the list of things Aurora Borealis does right. It's a complete package (the Diehard version has five bonus tracks compared to the original independent release) and so it is good to see the Danish label is taking a chance with these Americans and also releasing the duo's next full length. Ignore the label's assertion that this is black metal or the bio's poor English of calling the band 'pretenders', certainly skip over the insult of relating the band to Emperor and pick this one up.

Aurora Borealis (a.k.a. Ron Vento) is back with a new album and once again the label inaccurately terms the band 'black metal.' Rest assured there is next to no Satan worshiping or other quasi-evil elements on this disc. That is unless one could call metal inherently evil, in which case all heavy metal would be black metal of course. Time, Unveiled can better be described as guitar-oriented speed metal. Even more narrowly, Aurora Borealis is one long guitar riff with the accompaniment of harsh vocals and drums. The riffs are good too. Vento throws one heavy riff after the other at the listener, something that can best be admired on a powerful tune like Sky Burial. Speaking of which, the cover and song titles like Berserker and Transversing The Tides point at a Viking theme. The main criticism goes to the sound which is too trebly and mostly devoid of a bass in the mix. The CD comes with two bonus songs from a 1994 demo, songs which bear some resemblance to early Deicide. Fans of speed metal with an array of fast riffs should look to the northern lights. - Ali "The Metallian"


Aurora Borealis