Severed Survival - 1989 - Peaceville
Mental Funeral - 1991 - Peaceville
Acts Of The Unspeakable - 1992 - Peaceville
Shitfun - 1995 - Peaceville
Tortured Moans Of Agony – 1998 - Necroharmonic
Dead As Fuck – 2004 - Necroharmonic
Macabre Eternal – 2011 - Peaceville
The Headless Ritual – 2013 - Peaceville
Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves – 2014 - Peaceville
Skull Grinder – 2015 - Peaceville
Live In Chicago – 2020 - Peaceville
Morbidity Triumphant – 2022 - Peaceville
Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts - 2023 - Peaceville

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Doomed>>Eric Cutler>>Doomed, Dark Hall, Funeral, Solace, Necrosic - Death, Doomed>>CHRIS REIFERT>>Doomed, Abscess, Aborted, Ravenous - Doomed, Dark Hall, Funeral, Solace, Necrosic>>ERIC CUTLER>>Necrosic

Eric Cutler>>Solace, Doomed - Doomed>>DANNY CORALLES>>Doomed, Abscess - Solace, Scolex>>ERIC CUTLER>>Scolex

DTP, Sadus>>Steve DiGiorgio>>Dark Hall, Testament, Death, Sadus, Control Denied, Iced Earth, Dragonlord - Steve Cutler - DTP, Sadus, Dark Hall>>Steve DiGiorgio>>Testament, Death, Sadus, Control Denied, Synesis Absorption, Futures End, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Death To All, Gone In April, Act Of Denial, Spirits Of Fire, Geoda, Quadvium, Terra Odium - Suffocation>>Josh Barohn>>Iron Lungs, The Henchmen, Coprophagia, Doomed, Mammoth, Suffocation - Immortal Fate, Doomed>>Freeway Migliore [Frank Migliore]>>Immortal Fate, Doomed, Abscess, Redacted - Eatmyfuk, Abscess, Von>>Joe Allen [Joe Allen Trevisano] – Carrion, Cruevo, Brainoil, Laudanum, Graves At Sea, Leather Glove, Static Abyss>>GREG WILKINSON>>Brainoil, Leather Glove, Static Abyss

Burnt Offering, Death, Doomed, Abscess, Aborted, Ravenous, Eatmyfuk Violation Wound, Painted Doll>>CHRIS REIFERT>>Doomed, Abscess, Aborted, Ravenous, Eatmyfuk, Violation Wound, Painted Doll

History & Biography
Band founder Reifert was a member of Death in the early days and can be heard on that Death’s classic Scream Bloody Gore album. However, after three years in Death, the drummer left that band, not wishing to follow Chuck to Florida from California. Autopsy was born. The band signed with Peaceville as teenagers after rejecting another offer from Metalother Records. Typically sounding under-produced, Autopsy was in essence a garage death metal band which specialized in sick lyrics and slower tempos. The group’s debut featured two covers with the first edition being sicker than its successor. The sickness lead to several bouts of controversy including a run-in with the government of Australia. Bass bedouin DiGiorgio appeared on the debut (and on an EP called Fiend For Blood) and the band went on to have as many bassists as songs (almost). Bassist Ken Sonvari figured somewhere in there in the early days – actually on tour in Europe. Josh Barohn formerly of Suffocation joined the band replacing DiGiorgio in 1992. Josh Barohn formerly of Suffocation was fired from the band in 1993. Barohn had moved to the West Coast of USA after being ditched from Suffocation who claimed the bassist was subpar. The band toured with Vital Remains and Incantation in 1993. By now the band had toured Europe once with Pestilence (with Morgoth and Bolt Thrower intermittently opening up) and the second time conducting a mini-tour with Paradise Lost. Freeway was Josh's replacement. Reifert mothballed Autopsy for Abscess in 1995. The group last album (for now) was called Shiftfun. Its cover featured shit about to be ingested presumably. The members did not get along personally and had differences of opinion regarding the act's musical direction. As such, Eric Hall and Steve DiGiorgio were in Jazz fusion band Dark Hall. Tortured Moans Of Agony was taped in New Jersey, USA in 1993.

Latecomers or contributors to the Peaceville nostalgia fund can purchase a 2001 sampler called Torn From The Grave. A DVD called Dark Crusades was issued in 2006 featuring vintage material. Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler recorded two songs for a new single called Horrific Obsession in 2009. The single was available through Peaceville. Severed Survival was reissued as well to celebrate the album’s twentieth anniversary. According to festival organizers, Autopsy would reunite for an appearance at 2010’s Maryland Deathfest, due to take place in May, 2010. Autopsy entered Fantasy Studio in Berkeley, California in early February of 2011 with producer Adam Munoz to begin recording a new album, called Macabre Eternal, for release in May through Peaceville Records. Autopsy was at the Fantasy studio that autumn recording three songs for a new EP called All Tomorrow's Funerals. The Born Undead DVD was issued in 2012. Autopsy Would release its next album The Headless Ritual on July 2nd, 2013 through Peaceville Records. Eric Cutler joined Scolex in 2014. Autopsy’s next album Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves would be out on April 29th through Peaceville Records. The album was recorded at Fantasy Studio with producer Adam Munoz. In 2014, Vic Records signed Violation Wound, the punk rock band of Autopsy’s Chris Reifert on guitar and vocals. Due on May 26th, the band's debut album featured guest appearances by Autopsy’s Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler. The band was releasing a special package called After The Cutting on November 13th, 2015. It contained a booklet full of photographs and a biography written by Dennis Dread next to four discs of rare or new material. The album Skull Grinder was next featuring seven new tunes. It would be available on vinyl in 2015 and CD in 2016. The album was also included in After The Cutting. Autopsy would issue an EP, called Puncturing The Grotesque, through Peaceville in December 2017. The band and Bloodbath also issued a split single through Peaceville. Painted Doll, featuring guitarist and comic Dave Hill and Chris Reifert, signed a deal with Tee Pee Records. A self-titled album was due in September 2018. Nothing happened. Autopsy would issue Live In Chicago through Peaceville Records on 30.10.2020. Bassist Joe Allen Trevisano left the band in summer of 2021. He had joined the band in 2008.

Autopsy released an album, entitled Morbidity Triumphant, through Peaceville Records on 30.09.2022. Greg Wilkinson was on bass. Wes Benscoter (Slayer) had completed the cover artwork. Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts came a year later. Autopsy was booked for Milwaukee Metal Festival and Obscene Extreme 2024. There was a current trend of everyone playing anniversary/celebration/commemoration gigs and so Autopsy was playing the Severed Survival 35th anniversary set. The band was booked for Decibel Magazine's 20th Anniversary Show, alongside Immolation (playing a First 20 Years set), on August 31 2024. The said album was rereleased by Peaceville.