Eminence in Putrescence - 1997 - Repulse
Stabwound Orgasm - 1999 - Repulse
Yearning for the Grotesque - 2002 - Avantgarde
Gorespattered Suicide - 2005 - Metal Age
Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation) - 2009 - Metal Age
Ritual Zombi - 2013 - Xtreem
Deathgeneration – 2016 - Xtreem
Night Of The Living Deathgenerations - 2017 - Xtreem

Avulsed image
S= Convulsion, Anaemia, Christ Denied, Golgotha, Unwom, Putrevore, Rotten>>DAVE ROTTEN [DAVID GONZALEZ]>>Anaemia, Christ Denied, Golgotha, Unwom, Putrevore, Rotten

G= Noizemass>>JOSE CABRA - Sacrophobia>>JUANCAR

B= Lucky - Mistress, GodHateCode>>TANA>>GodHateCode

D= Intoxication>>Furni - Dark Erial>>Ricardo "Riky" Mena - Atmosphere Grey, Hidden City, Á kratos, Nightfear, Sobredosis>>Osckar Bravo>>Á kratos, Nightfear, Sobredosis – Wolfencross, Frozen Dawn, Opvs Leviathan>>Arjan Van Der Wijst>>Frozen Dawn, Opvs Leviathan

History & Biography
Meaning the forcible separation of a body part, the Spaniards under the leadership of Drowned/Repulse Records death metal fan Dave Rotten has long underground career. The initial line up of Dave, Lucky and Toni came together in 1992. From there the band proceeded to spew an array of well-selling demos, 7"s, 12"s (a split with Acid Death), compilations, video clips and CDs. A tour with Sinister in 1996, a visit to South America and participation in the Repulsive Assault tour with Incantation haven't been detrimental either. The band has managed to record at Space Lab in Germany, work with James Murphy. The cover of Stabwound is fantastic and has to be seen. The band has experimented with clean vocals and techno music now. These developments have contributed to the band's slowing momentum.

The band signed a deal with Metal Age Productions in 2004. The band recorded a new album in Spain before entrusting the result to Erik Rutan in Florida for mixing and mastering. The band announced its intention to enter a studio in the winter of 2006 in order to record a mini-CD, called Reanimations. The EP featured two new songs. The band a DVD out called Reanimating Russia 2007. Riky suffered blood loss and became unconscious in April of 2008 leading to cancelled shows until his health had improved. The band completed several festival appearances in Europe in 2008, namely the Death Feast, Metal Mania and FilthRock. The band also announced the title for its 2009 album as Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation). The band was still signed with Metal Age Productions. Avulsed, Emeth and Grimness 69 were going through 7 different countries for their European tour. Avulsed was supporting its fifth full-length album, Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation), which was being issued in the USA through Ibex Moon. Avulsed asked drummer Ricardo "Riky" Mena to leave the band in April of 2012 and cancelled all shows. Avulsed entered the studio in the spring of 2013 to record a full-length album called Ritual Zombi. The album would feature a cover version of Death’s Zombie Ritual.

Dave Rotten had a 2013 demo for his solo project, Rotten. Cryptic Catacombs contained four songs of "utterly dark, heavy, primitive and cryptic death metal,". It was a cassette-only release. To commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary Avulsed announced a double-album called Deathgeneration for the autumn of 2016, which was to feature the band’s best works on disc two and rerecordings with guest singers on the first. Guests included Mark "Barney" Greenway (Napalm Death), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates), Antti Boman (Demilich), Sven De Caluwé (Aborted), Per Böder (God Macabre), Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and others. Night Of The Living Deathgenerations was taped in Spain in 2016 and came with a video. The band and Mercyless had a split record. Extraterrestrial Carnage was a 2023 single. Vomiting Corpses was a 2023 box set. The band was booked for Rotten Fest in support of animal shelters in 2023. The band's proposed Gore Over America tour of Latin America was cancelled. The band cited lack of payment and guarantees promised by promoters and booking agency. This was almost a repeat of a similar situation for the band in South America in 2017. GoG of Holycide and Buriality took over the drums in 2023. He had also replaced Avulsed's drummer Jorge Utrera in Holycide.


Spain’s Avulsed has had an uneven history and progression over the years. It might have been the constant change in the line-up and the multiple record companies the band is signed to or it could have been main man Dave Rotten’s day job running... well whatever the label is called today. On the other hand, Avulsed has worked hard at not establishing an identity by tripping itself with EPs, remixes and non-metal releases.
Gorespattered Suicide is a full-length dealing with the band’s main passion. The album is dedicated to bottom-heavy and gore-soaked death metal complete with growling that for the most part would require a decoder to decipher. What really puts the album over the top is the exceptionally explicit cover art. The photography even betters the band’s own Stabwound Orgasm artwork. Now that is saying something. Kudos to the band for being serious and inventive about art.
Back on the musical front, the Spaniards have some explaining to do. Most importantly, the drumming and the drum sound leave quite a bit to be desired. Is the drummer deliberately trying to sound like he is playing with some cooking pots? The songs Filth Injected and Hoax Therapy introduce keyboards and if the former is meant to refer to England’s worst cartoon band, Cradle Of Filth, then the joke is on the band because the silliness costs the band at least ten points in ratings. Another 'tribute' possibly is to be found on the fifteen-second long Infernal Haemorrhoids. The grind song aside, there are a few rare leads on the album, a pointless cover version and an acoustic piece on the song Divine Wine.
The vocals, brutality, titles and the art really add up to a lot for the band. The trendy elements openly detract. That is how Avulsed manages to constantly take a couple of steps forward and a couple backwards. - Ali “The Metallian”

A rare concept indeed, having bands from all over the world, most notably Carnavage from Algeria, cover nine songs and include them on a release that not only includes two new songs of your own, but also three songs where you cover others. Exodus, WASP, and Gorefest are the covers in Piranha, I Wanna Be Somebody and Mental Misery respectively. In addition to all that watch for a bonus video clip of Let Me Taste Your Flesh and a 2006 version of Unconscious Pleasure. - Anna Tergel