Tyrants Of Hate>>AXEGRINDER - UK

The Rise Of Serpent Men - 1989 - Peaceville

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S= Stone The Crowz>>TREV>>Wartech

G= STEVE>>Wartech

B= Stone The Crowz>>MATT>>Wartech

D= DARRYN>>Wartech

History & Biography
It was only under the Axegrinder moniker that the band - which was originally formed in 1986 - began playing slower and doomy music. The anarchist-cum-punk-cum-metal band was formed after three former Stone The Crowz members formed Tyrants Of Hate and later became Axegrinder. The first set of shows were played in the autumn of 1986. The band's Grind The Enemy demo from 1987 included a patch, got the band signed to Peaceville and also gave them an appearance on the A Vile Peace sampler. Peaceville also issued the band's album material on a split release with Prophecy Of Doom.
The members formed Wartech upon dissolution.
Several of the band members sought to release the Grind The Enemy demo on CD in 2004 and even considered reforming. In the meanwhile, Peaceville was working on issuing the band's album again in late 2004.