Kingdom Of The Night - 1989 - EMI
II - 1990 - Harvest
Access All Areas - 1991 - EMI
The Big Thrill - Electrola
Masters of Survival - 1995 - EMI
Voodo Vibes - 1997 - EMI
Back To The Kingdom - 2000 - Massacre
Eyes Of Darkness - 2001 - Massacre
Time Machine - 2003 - AFM
Paradise In Flames - 2006 - AFM
Doom Of Destiny - 2007 - AFM
Utopia - 2009 - AFM
Kingdom Of The Night II – 2014 - Phonotraxx
Retrolution – 2017 – Phonotraxx
Monster Hero – 2018 – Phonotraxx
Coming Home - 2024 - Phonotraxx

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BERNHARD WEISS - Walter Pietsch - Guido Wehmeyer>>Lakonia – 21 Octayne>>Marco Wreidt>>21 Octayne, Pink Cream 69 – Rebattered, Regicide>>Stefan Weber>>Rebattered, Regicide, Scanner, Rage - Fight/Delight, Hate Force One, Misery Speaks>>MATTHIAS DEGENER>>Fight/Delight, Hate Force One, Misery Speaks

Werner Kleinhans - Markus Gfeller - Kuno Niemeyer - Regicide, Trinity, Cyberya>>ROB SCHOMAKER>>Cyberya, Regicide

Richard Michalski - Ninja, Vanize, Rage, Mendacious Messiah, Silent Force>>André Hilgers>>Silent Force, Nuclear Blast Allstars, Rage, Primal Fear, Sonic Haven, Iron Allies - Mendacious Messiah, Vanize, Ninja, Rage>>Andre Hilgers>>Rage, Primal Fear – Angels Cry, Mekong Delta, Annihilator, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody>>Alex Landenburg>>Angels Cry, Mekong Delta, Annihilator, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, CyHra, Kamelot – Lee Z, Subsignal>>DIRK BRAND>>Lee Z, Subsignal


History & Biography
The German pomp rockers were formed in the late 1980's, released the demo Tears Of The Tress in 1988 and toured with Black Sabbath following the debut album. Losing Kleinhans and recruiting Oellers after the album, the band continued on. The Big Thrill was recorded in the USA and like most German albums recorded in America saw disappointing returns. Masters Of Survival was also recorded in the USA. The streets of LA inspired its title. The band has split once and returned again. It was reported in late 2003 drummer Richard Michalski had been MIA for the past year! Pink Cream 69 drummer Kosta Zafiriou had guested on the band's forthcoming album Time Machine. The two bands were to tour Europe in March, 2004. Bassist Niemeyer was next to leave. The group opened 2006 through a tour with Helloween. Guido Wehmeyer departed in late 2006. Hilgers replaced Mike Terrana in Rage in 2007. He left Axxis in 2008. Axxis released a new album, Doom Of Destiny, on November 19th, 2007 through AFM Records. It featured new guitarist Marco Wreidt. The band began touring with Helloween and Gamma Ray and was confirmed for Wacken 2008. The Germans picked Utopia as the title for the 2009 album, which was due on August 28th through AFM Records. The CD was mixed by Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69 fame. It featured new bassist Rob Schomaker who was remaining in the band Cyberya as well. Axxis picked 20 Years Of Axxis as the title for a DVD, which was out in February 2011. The DVD was filmed at the band's December 13th, 2009 20th-anniversary concert at Zeche in Bochum, Germany and featured 33 songs. ReDISCO(over)ED was one of those cover version albums and appeared in 2012. Marco Wreidt left in 2015. The compilation Best Of EMI-Years was issued in 2019. Virus Of A Modern Time was obviously issued in 2020 and was a full-length EP. Coming Home was released in July 2024.


Considering how pomp hard rock opera is not my kind of a thing it is quite a feat for these Germans to grab and keep my attention. Axxis is known for its ostentatious albums and arrangements, but with the concept of Doom Of Destiny the band has outdone itself. With all the wind instruments (yes saxophones), keyboards and female vocals - not to mention outright commercial hooks - this is an album that by all rights makes little sense for or to a metal fan. It must be a homage to the catchy melodies and upbeat very Germanic arrangements that the goods are delivered and the hummable songs earn grudging respect. It is very much an upbeat album, yes, but The Fire Still Burns changes over to ballad territory. She Got Nine Lifes (sic) is perhaps most irksome to the heavy fan with its 'na na na na nine lives' chant. Metal fans stay away, but lovers of all things grand, big and large with a good dose of flash will really like Axxis anno 2007. - Anna Tergel