Vésanie – 2014 – Mortus Humanae
Metempsychose – 2017 - Malpermesita
Liber Secondus – Exégèse – 2020 - Malpermesita

S= The Negation, Mind Asylum>>A.S.A.>>The Negation, Mind Asylum
G= Zyule - A.S.A. – Acromion, Bran Barr, Nydvind, End Of Mankind, The Negation>>NESH [OLIVIER SANS]>>Bran Barr, Nydvind, End Of Mankind, The Negation – Dreamcatcher, Nydvind>>GORGEIST [GEOFFROY LACARRIÈRE]>>Dreamcatcher, Nydvind
B= Wargasm, Nyseius, Funeral War, Moonreich, Valland>>SIEGRIED GUILLAUME>>Moonreich, Creeping Fear, Valland - Dawn Of Decline, Repudiate, Insain, The Negation>>SARNATH [DAVID SCHONBACKLER]>>The Negation
D= Taliesin, Valland>>Arkyon>>Taliesin, Valland - Kampf, Borgia, Sentence, Absconditus>>ANDERSWO [ALEXANDRE VIGNAUD]>>Absconditus

This Paris-based band was founded in 2001. Heaven Burn By Hatred was out in 2002. Eternal Remains demo was out in 2005. 1916 was out in 2009. A.S.A. changed from guitar to vocals in 2011. Azziard’s Metempsychose album was out through Malpermesita in late 2017. The band’s style is black metal. Azziard’s Liber Secondus – Exégèse was released by Malpermesita Records on 05.06.2020.