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Babylon A.D. - 1989 - Arista
Nothing Sacred - 1992 - Arista
Live In Your Face - 1998 - Apocalypse
American Blitzkrieg - 2000 - Apocalypse
Live Lightning - 2023 - Perris

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S= Solo, Moonshine>>DEREK DAVIS>>Solo, Moonshine

G= DANNY DE LA ROSA - Syrym>>RON FRESCHI>>Syrym - Solo>>John Mathews>>Solo

B= Robb Reid - Eric Pacheo - ROBB REID


History & Biography
The band was founded in 1986. While the hard rock of the San Francisco band made some impact, following the disappointment of the second the band threw in the towel. Reid was replaced by little Eric Pacheo as Reid was not into touring any longer. The band had released a live EP entitled Live At The Roxy between albums and appeared on the Robocop 2 soundtrack. Apocalypse is the band’s imprint label. The 'A.D.' suffix was unsurprisingly added due to a conflict with another Babylon.

Perris Records issued a disc by the group called In The Beginning in 2006. The album featured the band’s early 12-song demo. San Francisco’s Babylon A.D. reformed with the original members in early 2010 and was in pre-production for its sixth studio release. 2010 would also bring a promised new version of the song Bang Go The Bells.

Former Arista Records recording artists Babylon A.D. issued a 2015 live independent CD entitled Live @ XXV to celebrate its 25 years of recording and touring together. The band was also playing several US shows. Derek Davis released his first single and video Sweet Cream Cadillac in mid-2019. The track was from an upcoming album, called Resonator Blues, which landed worldwide on June 1st, 2019. It was distributed by Perris Records. The group postponed a studio album due to the pandemic and illness within the act. Eric Pacheco, drummer Jamey’s brother, died in 2020. Eric had roadied for the band previously. A live record emerged in 2023. It was culled from a couple of shows in California, USA.



Babylon A.D.