Slaughterhouse – 2010 – Torn Flesh
Scarcity – 2013 – Unquiet
Oniric Delusions – 2016 – Deformeathing
Degrees Of Isolation – 2020 - Selfmadegod


S= Jakub Gawronski>>Alienacja, Illuminandi, Ennorath – Lifeporn, Fleshworld>>Tylus Kalicki>>Lifeporn, Fleshworld – Maigra, Shodan, Extinct Gods>>SZCZEPAN INGLOT>>Shodan
G= Redemptor, Decapitated, Vedonist>>HUBERT WIECEK>>Redemptor, Decapitated, Vedonist
B= Hubert Wiecek – Climate, F.A.M.>>Daniel Wojtowicz>>F.A.M., Squash Bowels, Nuclear Vomit – Empatic, Neyra, Violent Creed>>PIOTR KOLAKOWSKI>>Violent Creed
D= Michal Such – Mental Execution, Depopulate, Fetor, Darzamat>>Jackek Gut>>Depopulate, Fetor, Darzamat – Gaz-66 Intrusion, Posthumous Blasphemer, Castrum, Afgrund, Locracy>>EUGENE RYABCHENKO>>Castrum, Afgrund, Locracy


The band came together in 2005 and had demos called Sorrows Of Death and Human Sacrifice. Selfmadegod Records would release Degrees Of Isolation by Poland-based Banisher. The band had a single called Apotheosis in advance of the album. The band featured current and former members of Decapitated, Belphegor, Vital Remains and Hate.

The band has as many labels as albums. Members come and members go. Tylus owns Unquiet Records.