BAPHOMET>>Hatred>>Banished - USA

The Dead Shall Inherit - 1992 - Deaf

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Gary Schipani

Rick Breier

History & Biography
The act was founded in 1987. Guitarist Steve Rzepka and bassist were the founders and played cover versions to start. Early demos were called Rigor Mortis (1988 with Brian Jezioro on vocals), The Battle With Death (1989 with Mike Paravalos on vocals) and Morbid Realities. NY state's Baphomet hailed from Buffalo and were one of the death metal albums signed to Peaceville who quickly found themselves in a vortex without much promotion or touring opportunity. The band focused on slow to mid-paced death metal and was forced to change its name in 1992 after hearing from the German band with the same name. The act threw in the towel a year later.

The act reunited as Baphomet to play the A Day of Death festival in Buffalo, NY on September 28th, 2013. Guitarist Greg DiPasquale, bassist Shawn Gomez and drummer Allen Malkiewicz were new. Death In The Beginning was a 2012 re-issue of early version of the debut album, Inheritors Of The Dead. Sevared had issued it. Boiled In Blood was a 2015 cassette with a couple of studio and live tracks on cassette.