Hailstorm - 1995 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Eerie - 1995 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Infernal - 1996 - Nazgul's Eyrie
Legions Of Perkele - 1998 - Spinefarm
Satana - 1999 - Spinefarm
Okkult - 2001 - Spinefarm
Venomous - 2002 - Spinefarm
Anno Aspera - 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth - 2005 - Spinefarm

Barathrum image
S= Rotko, Fall, Demonos, Jetblack, Kirous>>DEMONOS SOVA>> Rotko, Fall, Demonos, Jetblack, Kirous

G= Demonos Sova - Sulphur>>Urn -Anathernalignat - PELCEPOOP - Funeral Feast, Nightside>>DAIMOS666

B= DEMONOS SOVA - Urn>>Infernus - Shaman>>G'thaur

D= Urn>>Pimea - Nattasett>>Darkwoods My Bethrothed - Sinergy, Waltari>>JANNE "ABYSSIR" PARVIAINEN

History & Biography
Formed in 1990 by Mr. Sova, Barathrum released several demos like Witchmaster and Battle Cry before signing with a label. The black metal band ostensibly followed the occult and suffered from a bad sound until Spinefarm sent the band to Tico Tico. The label was now responsible for the re-release of the band's first three albums. Barathrum toured with the likes of Babylon Whores, Sabbat (Japan) and Wizard. The band’s founding member moved to Germany and supposedly laid the act to rest.
The group’s album titles’ first letters form the phrase Heil Sova referring to the founding member’s ego.