Defying The Bonds Of Cosmic Thraldom – 2010 - Wolfsvuur
Sitra Achra – 2013 - Todestrieb
Ophidian Henosis – 2015 - Blut & Eisen
Barshasketh – 2019 – W.T.C.

S= Blood Of The Moon, Belliciste, Bròn>>KRIGEIST [ANDREW CAMPBELL]>>Belliciste, Bròn
G= Cathedra, Blood Of The Moon, Belliciste, Bròn, Svartgren, Dunkelheit>>Krigeist [Andrew Campbell]>>Belliciste, Bròn, Svartgren, Dunkelheit – Acatalepsy, Haar>>GM [GUILLAUME MARTIN]>>Haar
B= Blood Of The Moon, Belliciste, Bròn>>Krigeist [Andrew Campbell]>>Belliciste, Bròn – Úir>>BB [BEN BROWN]>>Úir
D= Maldoror>>Kruor Noctis - Cnoc An Tursa>>Bryan Hamilton>>Cnoc An Tursa – Hautakammio, Kalmankantaja>>MK>>Hautakammio

The band was based in New Zealand to begin, but made a move to Scotland. The early demos were As Flesh Becomes Earth and Barshasketh. Defying The Bonds Of Cosmic Thraldom was issued through Wolfsvuur Records, which had also distributed the band’s demos. The band was part of a couple of split releases before Ophidian Henosis. UK-based Barshasketh’s Barshasketh album was out through W.T.C. Productions on the 15th of January.