Project Jim>>BARÚS - FRANCE

Drowned – 2018 - Memento Mori

Barus image
S= Project Jim, Maïeutiste, Caïnan Dawn>>K [KEITHAN]>>Maïeutiste, Caïnan Dawn
G= Project Jim, Maïeutiste>>J [JAMES] – Project Jim>>M
B= Wolflust>>J [JAMES]
D= A

Grenoble in the south of France once hosted the Olympics and probably went bankrupt as a result. In that city formed a metal band called Project Jim in 2007. This band changed its monicker in 2015 and issued a self-titled demo. Bassist R would depart however. France-based techno-death metal band Barús’ Drowned was out through Memento Mori on the 22nd October.

Fanges was a new EP from the France-based atmospheric death metal band containing two tracks spanning 35 minutes in late 2021. The EP was scheduled for release through Aesthetic Death (CD) and Breathe Plastic (tape) on December 31st.