The Second Cumming – 2011- Arcane
A Night Of Brutal Torture – 2014 - Grindscene
There's Something About Beryl – 2017 - Grindscene
Lessons In Murder – 2020 - Bizarre Leprous

S= Bertrand [Richard Friday] - TARQIN [PAUL FOSTER-DENT] – Craniation, Human Harvest>>BERYL [MILLIE CRAMPTON]>>Craniation, Human Harvest
G= Bertrand [Richard Friday] – Reign Of Erebus, Thus Defiled, Fleshrot>>TARQIN [PAUL FOSTER-DENT]>>Thus Defiled, Fleshrot
B= Professor Kennith - Altar Of Sin, Casket Feeder>>Dr. Krauss [Aaron Mackenzie]>>Casket Feeder – Bloodshot Dawn, Imperium, Anakim, Cenotaph>>BROTHER KAIN [ANTHONY RIDOUT]>>Imperium, Anakim, Cenotaph
D= The Fourth Killer – Sentenced To Suffer, Abgott, Trifixion, Guerrilla, In Fire Baptised>>FACELESS KILLER [EWAN ROSS]>>Sentenced To Suffer, Guerrilla, In Fire Baptised

The London, UK-based band was formed in 2007. The monicker referred to serial killer Dennis Rader whose BTK nickname stood for ‘Bind, Torture and Kill’. 2008 brought the Basement Torture Killings demo. Titles like Gore Bukkake and Foetus Eater likely excited dozens of conservative politicians. 2009 delivered The First Cumming with the same songs to include other right-wing politicians. A year later The Second Cumming arrived. A couple of splits followed. A Night Of Brutal Torture’s first edition arrived in an evidence bag with a poster and so forth. Grindscene Records was issuing Basement Torture Killings’ There’s Something About Beryl album in 2017. Tarquin was the sole original member. Grind Over Sofia was a 2019 compilation of six acts uploaded on the net. Released on May 22nd 2020 on Bizarre Leprous Production, the new album from the act was Lessons In Murder.

The band was compared to Cannibal Corpse and Avulsed.



Basement Torture Killings