No Pain No Gain - 2013 - Street Symphonies

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In 2010, Andy (lead guitar), Bonne (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Atta (drums) decided to make a band official since no other members could be found. A first demo features the songs The Pit, Reality and Bad Dogs. In September 2011, Nik replaced Jack on bass. In January 2012, Dario teamed up with the band taking the place of Atta on drums. Atta would soon rejoin.

In 2013, Bastardogs signed a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release its debut album, No Pain No Gain. The album featured ten songs of “old school sleaze metal inspired by great bands such as Wrathchild and early Mötley Crüe. No Pain No Gain would be distributed by Andromeda distribution.


This album has been out for nine months, but it is only now that the serfs here at Metallian Towers have brought it before us. The former serfs were lashed and thrown in the moat for such delays shall not be tolerated or repeated. No Pain No Gain, right? The album is marvellous.
Having said that, the label does the band a disservice by emphasizing the act’s sleaze or glam credentials. Shock rock would have been a better monicker. Those styles are great and have a rightful place at Metallian, but Bastardogs’ music could have found a place in a hard rocker or NWOBHMer’s heart. Do you long for yesterday? Want to know what hard rock sounded like when it actually rocked hard? Here it is.
N.U.S.U. (Nuts Up Or Shut UP) kicks it all off and is a song which quickly invites comparisons to the old French band Warning and, in particular, the song Rock City. Bonne’s feel is very much like Warning’s Raphael Garrido. Sex Machine and Last Night are as headbanging and wild. The strong sound including the sharp snare sound just help the band. Drinkin’ My Brain Off is a heavy rhythmic tune that also reminds one of something - just cannot remember what. Darn it! Snakehead is hard and lives off its loud guitars and chugging bass. The band should incorporate more leads like on Bite You Down next time. The guitars are where the group invites invitations to old W.A.S.P. before that act lost Holmes or wimped out. Now is a good time to mention the band’s lyrics. The group hails from Italy, but possesses a singer who is easily understood. Edge Of Youth was written about the deceased Crashdïet singer Dave Lepard, however, most of the lyrics are wild and carefree as signifies by the cover poster depicting “Reward $1,000,000 for incest, incitement of hatred, Multiple murder, rape, Lewd acts, feminicide and crimes against humanity.” It is that time: real metal fans shall be separated from poseurs. The back cover depicts a little boy shot in the forehead with a revolver. Oh, no someone call the bastard dogs of NRA to defend this. Better yet, somebody call the Viagra and blow addict has-been Silvio Berlusconi to clean up Italy should he find the time in-between snorting cocaine, banging teenage whores, lying to his wife and, oh, destroying democracy. Check out Bastardogs for a dosage of bash metal. - Ali “The Metallian”