...Where The Shadows Lie - 2001 - Napalm
Sword's Song - 2002 - Napalm
Third Age Of The Sun - 2005 - Napalm
Evernight - 2007 - Napalm
The Last Alliance - 2008 - Napalm
Doombound – 2011 - Napalm

Battlelore image
Reduced To Ash, Ruoska, Natsipaska>>Patrik Mennander>>Ruoska, Natsipaska – Evemaster, Mortal God, Soulset>>Tomi Mykkänen>>Evemaster - My Sweet Sorrows>>KAISA JOUHKI

Deep Red, Khert-Neter, Morbid Savouring>>Tommi Havo>>Khert-Neter, Morbid Savouring – Jussi Rautio>>Lovijatar, Jonne, Oceanwake - Horna, Khert-Neter, Church Of Void, Byron, Fimir>>JYRI VAHVANEN>>Khert-Neter, Church of Void, Byron, Fimir

Miika Kokkola>>Dead Of Night, Lowburn – Elderthrones, Dark Elite>>TIMO HONKANEN>>Elderthrones, Dark Elite

Lowburn>>HENRI VAHVANEN>>Lowburn

Elderthrones>>MARIA HONKANEN>>Elderthrones

History & Biography
Jyri Vahvanen had the idea for the band as early as 1996, but he and Miika Kokkola formed the band in 1999. The Finns were unabashedly influenced by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien which was also apparent in their image. That is the year the Warrior's Tale was released. Gorthaur of Horna would leave the fold. A second demo called Dark Fantasy followed. Napalm Records requested that the band record a promo demo and upon hearing it signed the Finns to a recording contract. Battlelore released its debut ...Where The Shadows Lie in the winter of 2002. The album was recorded at Music-Bros Studio. T. Havo soon left the fold and was replaced by Jussi Rautio on guitar. Sword's Song came in 2003 and was again recorded at Music-Bros. The band issued a live video taken from a performance at Tavastia Club. Battlelore lost Patrik Mennander in the summer of 2004. The singer's last performance was at RingCon, the Lord Of The Rings Festival in Bonn, Germany. A tour with Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity was made possible through the participation of session musicians Tomi Mykkänen as singer and bassist Timo Honkanen. The latter replaced Miika Kokkola who could not tour. Both temps became official members when Kokkola decided he could not stay in the band. Third Age Of The Sun was recorded at Sound Suite Studio in spring of 2005 with producer Terje Refsnes. The band’s fifth album, was entitled The Last Alliance, and was out in October of 2008 through Napalm Records. It was mixed by Dan Swanö and maintained a stable line-up. Guitarist Rautio and singer Tomi Mykkänen left in 2011, but returned in 2016. A 2018 compilation was called Bonus Tracks and issued through Napalm Records.


Third Age of The Sun, the Tolkien-inspired Finns third album, is everything one might expect and dislike about a folk rock band such as this. First, the bad's decision to sing of Tolkien and his work is beyond arrogant. To think one can reinterpret the author's work or add commentary to it is unfathomable. The music itself is riddled with folk rock and wimpy spells and bogged down by keyboards, pop singing - Battlelore features two singers - and the trappings of a band not fit to be called metal of any sort. That the band has managed to deliver three albums shows that there is demand out there for this sort of thing. It is just that it does not come from metal fans. - Ali "The Metallian"