Battleroar - 2003 - Omicron
Age Of Chaos - 2005 - Black Lotus
To Death And Beyond - 2008 - Cruz Del Sur
Blood Of Legends – 2014 - Cruz Del Sur
Codex Epicus – 2018 - Cruz Del Sur

Battleroar image
Hyrkanian Blades, Lost Lullaby>>Marco Concoreggi>>Lost Lullaby, Dexter Ward - Astral Door, Cemetery, Variety Of Arts, Tragedy Divine, Los Vasallos Metallos, Angel Of Damnation, Sacred Steel, Dawn Of Winter>>Gerrit Mutz>>Angel Of Damnation, Sacred Steel, Dawn Of Winter, Voodoo Kiss.

Arpyian Horde>>KOSTAS TZORTZIS>>Arpyian Horde - Manolis Karazeris>>Dexter Ward, Finger Of Scorn, Heathens From The North - Bloodshed, Obduktion, Everdome, Wolfcry>>Antreas Sotiropoulos>>Everdome, Wolfcry - Εξόριστοι>>Michael Kontogiorgis>>Fire Vanadium

Spitfire, Casus Belli, Airged L'amh, Achilla>>Kostas Makrikostas>>Casus Belli, Airged L'amh, Achilla, Metalworks, Future Shock, Biff Byford, Stray Gods - Angelo Perlepes' Mystery, Bloodstained, Fading Reality>>STAVROS AIVALIOTIS>>Bloodstained

As I Suffer Silently, Wrathblade, Furor, Finger Of Scorn>>Nick Papadopoulos>>As I Suffer Silently, Wrathblade, Furor, Finger Of Scorn - Marauder, Sorrows Path>>GREGORY VLACHOS


History & Biography
Greek heavy metal band Battleroar was formed in September of 2002. To prove its allegiances the band took its name from the Heavy Load song Singing Swords. paradoxically, there was a violin player. After several live shows, including a concert with Brocas Helm, the band recorded a five-song promo. The band recorded a 7" in March, 2002. After two shows with Omen the band's singer and bassist left. The band's next bassist was Kostas Makrikostas of Spitfire, Casus Belli and Airged L'amh. An Italian singer, Marco Concoreggi, was also drafted. This line-up recorded the band's debut.

The band signed to Black Lotus in September, 2004 and began working on a new album. Age Of Chaos was issued in late 2005. With that label going broke the band reappeared on Cruz Del Sur with a new record and a new bassist in 2008. Battleroar parted ways with singer Marco Concoreggi due to the famous "personal reasons" in the summer of 2009 and replaced him with John Papanikolaou. Marco Concoreggi had been a main composer for the act. John had a short stay and was quickly replaced by the Italian Gabriele "Nightcomer" Grilli still in 2010. Gabriele, incidentally, would last two years in this cross-border relationship. More upheaval in the ranks occurred when guitarist Manolis Karazeris left (and alongside Marco had formed Dexter Ward) and Antreas Sotiropoulos joined in 2010. He would stay for one album. In 2013, Battleroar was at the Devasoundz Studio in Athens recording a new album, Blood Of Legends, for an April 2014 release through Cruz Del Sur Music. Only guitarist Kostas and drummer Nick had survived. Battleroar released Codex Epicus through Cruz Del Sur Music in June 2018. The German Gerrit Mutz had arrived in 2012 and departed in 2019. He would also add Voodoo Kiss to his long list of side-projects in 2022. Gerrit was drafted to play a gig opening for Grand Magus initially. The group was booked for Golden R festival in 2022. Meanwhile, back here the band had a couple of temp singers roar live until the addition of John Jaycee Cuijpers in 2023 (Praying Mantis) whose number of part-time side-projects put Mutz to shame. Also new were guitarist Zack Kotsikis and bassist Loukas Libertos. Only violinist Alex Papadiamantis and the mainstay guitarist Kostas Tzortzis could claim any tenure. The other mainstay, drummer Nick Papadopoulos, had also not made it to Codex Epicus. The band was writing new music in 2022 and 2023.

Finger Of Scorn is a Cirith Ungol covers' act. Heathens From The North is a Heavy Load covers' band.


Running at almost an hour the Greeks’ second album starts of with an all-acoustic track The Wanderer that not only in title but mood reminds one of, a poorer version of Sabbat. It apparently features narration by Mark Shelton of Manilla Road, a band that happens to be cited as an influence. Roaring epic-like vocals and production that is neither modern nor sophisticated are the main features of Age Of Chaos. The same can be said of the songs and arrangements, which would have gone over well in 1985. Siegecraft, Narsil (Reforge The Steel) and Sword Of Crom all fit the cover art theme well which, not surprisingly, features war imagery. Tower Of The Elephant, once again, reminds one of Sabbat in it acoustic passages. Battleroar don’t offer much to make Age Of Chaos exciting or new but there is enough here for fans of power metal. Listen for the Iron Maiden inspired guitar intro on Sword Of Crom. - Anna Tergel

Nine songs running at almost one hour, war (or is it Lord Of The Rings?) imagery on the cover, name containing 'battle', album title alluding to a war theme. Yes Battleroar continues to push the and aim for the epic metal spoils. The eight-minute opener The Wrathforge does a good job maintaining heaviness in the midst of sometimes Manowar sounding war hymns. The shorter Dragonhelm has a mostly faster pace and continues to carry the theme aided by the vocals of Congoreggi, screams of Dragonhelm and a heavy metal solo. Finis Mundi is a mood setter of sorts and it is exactly what is expected. Acoustic segments, doomy segments, and a few non-metal extras packed in a nine minutes song. Metal From Hellas, leaves no doubt as to the band’s origin. Hyrkanian Blades has an interesting, driving start and is generally catchy without sacrificing the Iron Maiden-esque metal. The 10-minute Oceans Of Pain starts off speedy epic/power metal like and predictably goes into the acoustic while delving in some traditional sounds. Born In The '70s is a power metal anthem. Warlord Of Mars is epic and Iron Maiden infused Manowar. Death Before Disgrace is again the Manowar and of course the honour theme is the centerpiece. Some pure heavy metal moments make To Death And Beyond a solid release. - Anna Tergel