Fighting Back - 1986 - Raw Power
Children Of Madness - 1987 - Power Station
Feel My Pain - 1998 - Heavy Metal

Battlezone image
S= Iron Maiden, Solo, Lone Wolf, Gogmagog, Strike>>PAUL DI' ANNO>>Praying Mantis, Killers, Children Of The Damned, True Brits, Ides Of March
G= Strike>>John Hurley - Deep Machine, Tokyo Blade>>JOHN WIGGINS - Graham Barth>>Killers, Persian Risk - PAULO TURIN
B= Jackal>>Pete West - COLIN RIGGS
D= Strike>>Bob Falck>>Overkill - Bronz>>Steve Hopgood>>Persian Risk, Killers, Tank, Jagged Edge - Tokyo Blade, Chinatown>>MARC ANGEL

After leaving Iron Maiden, Paul Di’Anno established the rocky Di’Anno which featured a keyboardist and refused to play Iron Maiden songs. This not working out, Di’Anno returned with Battlezone, which was very metal and again delivered. The line-up changed between the first and second albums following disagreements with John Hurley and Bob Falck, but Children Of Madness again failed to succeed commercially. Years later the band was reformed with a new line-up, albeit this lasted little as Di’Anno re-established his namesake again!