Perpetual Mockery -1998 - X-treme
Recounts Of Disembodiment - 2001 - Mighty
Ominous Bloodline - 2005 - Unique Leader
Never To Dawn - 2012 - Unique Leader
Beast Incarnate – 2017 - Unique Leader
Only Death Can Save You - 2019 - Agonia

Beheaded image
Unknown Serenity>>Lawrence Joyce - Abysmal Torment>>Melchior Borg>> Dying Signals, Abysmal Torment - Hydrocephalic, Slit>>FRANK CALLEJA>>Hydrocephalic, Slit

David Bugeja – Slit>>OMAR GRECH>>Slit - Chris Mintoff>>Despised - Robert Agius – Blasphemer>>SIMONE BRIGO>>Blasphemer

Biblical Infamy>>DAVID CACHIA

Chris Brincat - Putridity, Antropofagus, Hour Of Penance, Septycal Gorge, Xenomorphic Contamination>>DAVIDE BILLIA>>Antropofagus, Hour Of Penance, Septycal Gorge, Xenomorphic Contamination

History & Biography
Another band that spent years in the underground releasing singles and demos is beheaded out of Malta. Beheaded was formed by school boys drummer Chris (soon to become a nurse) and guitarist David Bugeja as early as the summer of 1991. School-mate Marcel Scalpello joined them, left and returned for a couple of years. He was heard on the early demo, and toured with the group, but left before the debut record. The most notable product of this era was the 1995 tape called Soul Dead. The band released a MCD on Mighty Music called Resurgence Of Oblivion in 2000.

Beheaded would release a new album, Never To Dawn, on November 6th, 2012 through Unique Leader Records. The album was recorded at Temple Studio in Malta and was mixed at 16th Cell Studio in Rome, Italy. The band released its next full-length through Unique Leader Records in 2017. Entitled Beast Incarnate, the eight-track production was the follow-up to 2012’s Never To Dawn. It featured new drummer Davide Billia and guitarist Simone Brigo. The band's 2019 album was on Agonia. The act appeared at the Malta Death Fest. Marcel Scalpello died in 2023. The group was booked for Maryland Deathfest 2024.


My magic is strong and sustains me, but several serfs and minions fell to their deaths following exposure to Beheaded's MCD. It's that heavy. Do you miss Suffocation? Think Dying Fetus doesn't release albums often enough? Nile is a bunch of weak wimps? No problem, tracks like Transmutation of Veracity, Extortion of Benevolence and the title track bring pulp to any serfdom that dares import this precious magical disc. Pure death metal and nothing but is this particular export from Malta; and the bigger the surprise, given their origins, that the quintet has such a thick sound and steady delivery. Beheaded has certainly paid its dues to the underground - even if they don't do mail any longer - and released a brutal album that can only receive the endorsement of Metallian Towers. That despite the appearance of one member with a Slipknot (barf!) shirt on the back cover. Every rose has its thorns. - Ali "The Metallian"

After finding comparisons with Suffocation, Pyrexia, and Dying Fetus when we reviewed Beheaded's Resurgence Of Oblivion MCD in issue 34, the only weakness encountered was the one band member with a Slipknot T-shirt That snag removed, Beheaded's new album is a thoroughly enjoyable CD. Imagine being caught in a blender - except the blender is now your entire room and the setting is at maximum. That's you vis-à-vis Recounts Of Disembodiment. Song after song is not only ultra-brutal, but composed with variety, power and big sound in mind. The drums slash at warp nine and the guitars only vary in tone and never in crushing heaviness. This is not another death metal album wrapped in a breathtaking cover. The Maltese quintet will squeeze the life out of you.