Nothin' Left To Luv! - 2007 - Icare Media
The Pusher - 2010 - Agonia
Darkness:Devil:Death – 2013 - Agonia

G= Fatal Silence>>BOLDOG [TILO GABOR BOLDOG]>>Fatal Silence
B= Hornung - Sltr
D= In Praising>>Alexander Schiebert – Divine X, Fatal Silence>>Mhl [Felix Muehle]>>Divine X, Fatal Silence

The groove thrash band Beissert was formed in 2005 in the Eastern German city of Dresden. A demo called Call To Arms followed leading to the band’s first album. Schiebert left in 2012. His replacement left in 2014 and was replaced by Lunebacher of Trojan. Genuine:Saxon:War:Craft was a 2015 demo. The group disbanded in 2017.

The band calls its music Rock Saxon Blood.


Beissert is an odd, but venerable signing for Agonia Records. The label is known for its extreme black/death metal roster and Germany’s Beissert is a rock-oriented heavy band with alternative leanings. In all honesty, Beissert is the type of bands labels sign in order to allay fears of not being diversified enough, which invariably go on to crash and burn commercially. Not that signing a band for this reason is bad; it is just that these kinds of groups have little audience and, worse, the label has no audience to deliver to groups with styles outside its bread and butter.
All the same, Beissert is hardly a group one could call 'above average' or 'exciting.' The Germans clearly have some Kyuss and the ilk influences, which it then decides to muddle up with more unfavoured sounds such as pianos on Die Fabelhafte Welt Der Agonie (yes, that’s a German title), a The Cure parody on Yggdrasil, which by all rights should have been the extreme track of the album given the title and even miscellaneous pop stylings like on the eight-minute long closing track Gedanke Und Erinnerung. None of these tracks are particularly good, never mind the style or one’s taste in metal. The vocals are snarly and throaty and try to mix things up, but to what avail?
Beissert needs a lot of pushing, but even that will not suffice one must say. It is a cruel world and this review is not helping, but until someone does something about it life sucks! - Ali “The Metallian”