Infection Purification - 2005 - Candlelight

Belef image
S= Imperial Sodomy, Devilium>>MORDRED [DAVID CHAUPIN]>>Imperial Sodomy, Devilium

G= Brahamator - Agressor>>ADRAMELECH>>Agressor

B= Devilium, Imperial Sodomy, Addicted>>MORDRIR [LAURENT MICHELIS]>>Devilium, Imperial Sodomy, Addicted, Internal Lesions, Aedroth

D= Devilium>>Gorgor [Pierre Schaffner]>>Devilium, Agressor, Addicted, Bestial, Phazm, Mehr – Leek Eyes, Disavowed, Disharmony, Imperial Sodomy>>Orifist [Romain Goulon]>>Imperial Sodomy, Disharmony, Aggressor, Arsebreed, Kaoteon, Krysalyd, Necrophagist, Monument Of Misanthropy, Raising The Veil, Avgrunn, Isgherurd Morth

History & Biography
Le Tignet is in the south of France and is also the birthplace of Belef since 1998. Adramelech and Brahamator took inspiration from the likes of Immortal and Marduk and soon released a demo called The Fifth Season. The recording was produced by Alex Colin-Tocquaine. The demo caught the attention of the now-defunct Criminal Records which issued 1999's Deathwind Legion MCD. Several years later the band would regroup and enter Praxis Studio in Cagnes and record Infection Purification which was issued after much delay in early 2005 by Candlelight.


Belef might be a word in some language, but as far as this review is concerned it is nothing more or less than a heads-down brutal death metal band with the chops to pull it off. With every musician handling his instrument like a demon and the tight arrangements clawing the listener the band has regrouped long enough to put together a timely album for fans of the sub-genre. Songs like I Need Enemies, Torment Dominator and Man Slayer bash heads in the vein of Behemoth, while Veincut Exctasy has a couple of breaks a la Emperor which probably propel Belef towards a Zyklon comparison while the album's closer Immortal Abomination unfortunately drags on a bit. The redundant hidden track does not help either. Never mind for this is good stuff made even better by a cool cover of Nazi aliens branding prey. - Ali "The Metallian"