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New York born Belladonna had gone from obscurity to acclaim with noise mongers Anthrax. He was, however, dismissed in 1992 after that year's Grammy ceremonies for which Anthrax's Attack Of The Killer B's was nominated. The relative failure of the band's debut meant that the unknown musicians were dismissed in favour of France's Peter Scheithauer on guitar, Germany's Fleisch on bass and W.A.S.P.'s Stet Howland on drums for the second album. The band toured with Motorhead in support of the debut. The band would fold amidst a complete line-up overhaul.

Belladonna would return in 2003 with 03 which was sold through him online and would support W.A.S.P. on the road. His backing band on the road was an actual Anthrax covers band! The singer would rejoin Anthrax in 2005 as a part of 1987 line-up's regrouping. He and the rest of the band had not come to an agreement a couple of years earlier for a reunion tour, albeit that time with John Bush intact on vocals as well. He would be out of Anthrax and solo again by 2007 amidst serial counter-accusations regarding whose fault it was that Anthrax and Belladonna had not continued together and recorded a new album. Former Grim Reaper guitarist Nick Bowcott joined Belladonna on the ex-Anthrax singer’s US shows in early 2008.

After being seen together at a NYC Nightclub where Fozzy was performing singer Joey Belladonna rejoined Anthrax in May of 2010. The second return was just in time for that summer's Sonisphere Festivals European tour of the "big four of thrash" in Europe which also included Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica. Belladonna was touring with his own band that month. Anthrax, which had an unreleased album from last year, was planning on recording a new one with Joey Belladonna. Guitarist Scott Ian claimed Joey came back into the picture once singer John Bush informed the band he did not wish to tour extensively. Belladonna had cancelled its South American dates, but claimed the action was related to then-recent earthquakes.