Towards The Diabolical Experiment - 1993 - Shark
Rave The Abyss - 1995 - Shark

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S= Legion>>A.J. VAN DRENTH>>Legion, Throne, Temple

G= Legion>>A.J. VAN DRENTH>>Legion, Throne, Temple, Extreme Cold Winter, Beast Of Revelation - Equimanthorn, Dead Head, Elise>>ROBBIE WONING>>Dead Head, Elise

B= Artino Selles - Lethargy, Asphyx, Dead Head>>Ronnie Van Der Wey>>Lethargy, Asphyx, Dead Head, Legion

D= Jacko Westendorp

History & Biography
The death metallers Beyond Belief were formed in 1986 and released two demos, Remind The Skull and Stranded. The band split up and reformed and, as is typical, did not do much before splitting again in 2012. The Monolith Deathcult and Former Temple bassist Michiel Dekker and The Monolith Deathcult's drummer Sjoerd Visch were part of the final incarnation.

The band featured two Dead Head members. Ironically, Beyond Belief also toured with Dead Head. Drenth became a roadie later.



Beyond Belief