The Aura - 2011 - Season Of Mist
Earthborn Evolution - 2014 - Season Of Mist
Algorythm – 2018 - Season Of Mist

Beyond Creation image
G= SIMON GIRARD - Brought By Pain, Unhuman>>KÉVIN CHARTRÉ>>Brought By Pain, Unhuman
B= Gore, Satanized, Negativa, Atheretic, Augury, Humanoid, B.A.R.F.>>Dominic "Forest" Lapointe>>Atheretic, Augury, Humanoid, B.A.R.F. – Bookakee, Brought By Pain, Equipoise, Gone In April, Conflux, Unbeing>>HUGO DOYON-KAROUT>>Brought By Pain, Equipoise, Gone In April, Conflux, Unbeing
D= Brought By Pain>>Guyot Begin-Benoit>>Brought By Pain - Chthe'ilist, Incandescence, Décombres>>PHILIPPE BOUCHER>>Chthe'ilist, Incandescence, Décombres

Several active participants of that city’s metal scene formed this Montreal, Canada-based band in 2005. Kévin Chartré joined in 2007. A recording called Demo was issued in 2010. In July of 2014 Beyond Creation announced the release of a new album. The follow-up to 2011’s The Aura was entitled Earthborn Evolution and been scheduled for an October 24th release through Season of Mist. Philippe Boucher had joined in 2012. Brought By Pain’s Hugo Doyon-Karout joined on bass in 2015. Rivers Of Nihil embarked on another North American tour in support of its album, Monarchy, in mid-2016. The quintet first played a short run of headlining shows before joining Beyond Creation and The Zenith Passage for a tour that would run from July 8th through July 23rd. Beyond Creation’s new album Algorythm was slated for release through Season Of Mist on October 12th.



Beyond Creation