Money Machine - 2000 - Record Heaven
Hex - 2003 - EastWest
Cheat The Gallows - 2008 - Custard
Into The Maelstrom - 2014 - Insideout

D= Marble Orchards, Clockwatchers>>Steve Frothingham

Damon Fox formed the band in 1992. Los Angeles, California’s psychedelic rock band Bigelf initially featured guitarist Andrew H.M. Butler-Jones, bassist Richard Anton and drummer Thom Sullivan. The band’s name is designed to be an oxymoron in the tradition of Iron Butterfly or Gentle Giant. An independent release called Closer To Doom came out in 1995. The band issued a debut through Record Heaven, which was followed by the oddly titled 2002 EP Goatbridge Palace. Money Machine was originally recorded in 1997! They attracted the attention of Serj Tankian, System Of A Down’s vocalist who released Bigelf’s Money Machine through his label, Serjical Strike Records. Signing to a major label the band’s Hex album came out in 2003 and was issued in America a mere four years later! The band’s Cheat The Gallows album was due August, 2008 through the Custard label. Singer Damon Fox produced the music.

Despite the ominous name and titles, the band is a Christian act. Bigelf became Christina Aguilera’s backing band on the Save Darfur CD in 2007 featuring songs from John Lennon. Duffy hails from Helsinki.

Bigelf would release its next album, Into The Maelstrom, on April 1st, 2014 through InsideOut Music. Into The Maelstrom featured drummer Mike Portnoy (formerly of Dream Theater), whose Progressive Nation At Sea cruise includes Bigelf.


A groovier name, cover or image this side of 1974 you will not find. OK, there was Trouble a few years back, but Los Angeles’ Bigelf is more in tune with Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd as well as Black Sabbath than a purely metal sound. Bellbottoms firmly in view, a green cover and crosses overhead and around the neck this foursome was definitely born too late. With long hair on the loose, the album’s lead track, Madhatter, introduces the group as devotees of early Scorpions, Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, Pink Floyd’s The Wall and ELO. Heavy rock has a new name. Carry The Load is pure Sabbath, while Pink Floyd and The Zep appear all over the rest of the album. The Hammond organs take one to the days of early Uriah Heep when the groove screams Ken Hensley and cohorts. The vocals of Damon Fox oscillate between Paul McCartney and a host of Pink Floyd records. Incidentally, the name and lyrics to Rock & Roll Contract are alternatively funny and strange. Additionally, Bats In The Belfry I sounds like a song written as the theme for a James bond film, while the song $ speaks volumes in terms of economy.
Originality is dust in the wind to this band. Innovation is a word not yet invented. The phrase “evil Beatles” is oddly paradoxical given the band’s Christianity. Nevertheless and finally, here is the answer to the age-old riddle that’s what would happen were Pink Floyd and ELO mate, smoked a joint with the Black Sabbath guys at a Led Zeppelin show. Now we know. - Sheila Wes Det