Biolich image
S= Liquified Maggots, Buckshot Facelift>>WILL SMITH>>Buckshot Facelift, Andromorphus Rexalia, Afterbirth, Artificial Brain, Reeking Aura, Pyrexia, Exsanguinated
G= ANDREW HOCK>>Castevet, Ehnahre, Luminous Vault, Solo
B= DAN OLIVENCIA>>Castevet, Copremesis
D= Rottrathron Neo>>TOM CAREY JR.>>Rottrathron Neo

Long Island, New York-based Biolich was put together in 1997 by Will and Tom and immediately proceeded to issue a series of demos with names like Omniversal Descent Upon Lower Planes Of Conventional Logic, Promo ’98, Demo ’99 et al. Biolich was influenced by Demilich, which is obvious from the band’s name. Andrew and Dan joined the duo in 2002. Festival appearances included Maryland Death Fest in 2004 and Massachusetts’ Doom And Grind Fest in 2005. The band’s first real break came in 2005 when a local label, Paragon Records, issued the band’s The Space Between Home And Today EP. The band split up in 2006. Olivencia and Smith appeared as guests on Copremesis’ debut album in 2008. The band issued a compilation called 2001 Demo - 2003 Demo + Bonus Tracks.


Biolich is another of those extreme bands we should be used to from Paragon Records. The band is from New York, blasts and gargles without mercy, alternates that with offbeat and acid jazz ditties and, here is the twist, claims to be profoundly inspired by Demilich. Who? That is another matter.
Biolich is rather good, has the grind thing down and amuses through titles like The Space Between Home And Today or Unfortunately They Don’t Allow Us To Store Bodies In The Dumpsters At Work. I don’t know where these guys work, but there is a case for legal action based on freedom of religion somewhere there.
The down side to the CD is the length of the disc, which would have been acceptable at 25 minutes except that much of the space has been taken up by wasteful instrumentals full of sound effects and samples. In that case let us amuse ourselves with more titles like Morals Like Frozen Piss or Extensive Autiumn (sic) Necrony! See the up side again? - Ali “The Metallian”