Land Of Darkness - 2000 - B.O.
Angels Wear Black – 2004 - Massacre
Possessed – 2012 - Apostasy

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G= Markus Weiser - Stefan Röder – Graveworm>>Harald Klenk>>Graveworm, Ontborg - Oliver Hedrich – Final Breath, Haunted Gorge>>MARTIN GEROSA>>Haunted Gorge

B= Final Breath>>Bernd Gerosa>>Haunted Gorge – Sacrificed>>Andreas Siegl>>Sacrificed, Paradox, Chinchilla, My Darkest Hate, Majesty – Phallax>>Felix Schurr>>Phallax


History & Biography
Black Abyss is a German speed metal band that was formed at the beginning of the nineties. A demo was called … For Eternity and released in 1994. After many shows with the likes of End Of Green and Mon Amour, the band released a demo CD called Why in 1998.

BA signed with Sub Zero, but with the label losing its distribution the search was on again and the band landed with B.O. Guitarist and founding member left the fold in the summer of 2001, but not before completing an album. This was issued by Massacre records and consequently the band’s profile fell and it became more underground. Black Abyss returned briefly for live action with Bernd in 2009. Guitarist Ralf Rieth Spitznagel made a cameo. He was replaced by Thorsten Lichtner. Signing with Massacre had set the band back and it was only in 2014 when a new record emerged. This record featured both new guitarists and a new bass player. The group opened a show for the Iron Maidens in 2016. Michael “Michi” Müller (Red Creek and ex-Bleeding Red) joined on bass in the summer of 2022. Oliver Hedrich had also left.



Black Abyss