Time Insults The Mind - 2008 - Monumentum
Triumvirate - 2010 - Relapse
Hail Death - 2014 - Relapse
As Was – 2017 - Relapse

Black Anvil image
S= Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags>>P.D. [PAUL DELANEY]>>Cro-Mags
G= Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags>>G.B. [GARY BENNETT]>>Cro-Mags - SOS
B= Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags>>P.D. [PAUL DELANEY]>>Cro-Mags
D= Fantom Warior, Kill Your Idols>>R.G. [JASON GLICKEN/RAEPH GLICKEN]

Time Insults The Mind was the band’s first release and was issued in 2008. Relapse Records would issue Black Anvil’s Hail Death album in May of 2014. Sos was added to the line-up in time for this album. Black Anvil had a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hail Death record with a thirty-three minute documentary playing exclusively at The New York City-based band was back with As Was, a fifty-minute follow-up to 2014’s Hail Death. It was out in January through Relapse.

Members of NYHC band Kill Your Idols founded Black Anvil in 2007.



Black Anvil