The Wreckage Of Stars – 2014 - EntertainmentOne
Selves We Cannot Forgive - 2016 - EntertainmentOne

S= Nightfire>>RIK STELZPFLUG - Nightfire>>ANDY THOMAS – Her Virgin Womb, Aborted Existence, Nightfire, Hunter's Ground>>JAMES DORTON>>Nightfire, Hunter's Ground
G= Nightfire>>RIK STELZPFLUG - Nightfire>>ANDY THOMAS
B= Nightfire>>NICK "BASS" SHAW
D= Versus The Undead, Shadows In The Crypt, Jungle Rot, Nightfire, Rings Of Saturn, Fraud>>JESSE BEAHLER>>Fraud

Several former and current Nightfire members founded the group in 2013 in Reading, PA. The same year brought a demo, called Song Of The Crippled Bull, through PRC. The band signed with E1. In mid-2015, Continental Concerts cancelled the Metal Alliance Tour. Deicide, Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate and others were touring. Deicide continued on its own. Entombed A.D. was booted from the shows as well. Black Crown Initiate would release a new album, called Selves We Cannot Forgive, on July 22nd 2016 through Entertainment One Music. Black Crown Initiate signed with Century Media in 2019. The band was to tour Europe with Rivers Of Nihil, Møl and Orbit Culture before beginning work on a new album.



Black Crown Initiate