Blood For Satan - 2001 - Necropolis

S= Nocturnal Feast, Enochian Crescent>>PROPHET HOATH WRATH [JANNE KURU]>>Enochian Crescent
G= Rotten Sound, O>>GAUNT [MIKA AALTO]>>Rotten Sound, O
B= ...and Oceans>>Anzhaar [Mika Aalto]>>...and Oceans
D= ...and Oceans, Enochian Crescent, Nocturnal Feast, O, Throes Of Dawn>>CAULDRON [JANI MARTIKKALA]>>...and Oceans, Enochian Crescent, Nocturnal Feast, O, Throes Of Dawn

After a year under another monicker the band picked up the new name in 1993 and issued a demo called War Against Christians. This battle obviously failed, but the group did not stop and issued the demos Dead Metal and Blood For Satan. The latter arrived with three tracks in 1998. Necropolis in UsofA and Season Of Mist in Europe issued the album, which bore the demo’s title, in 2001. The group changed its name to avoid hassles from the Yankees of the same name. The band used samples. Guitarist Syphon joined in 2001.


At the record store, Blood For Satan is the album whose cover seemingly shows King Diamond and his younger brother react to the taste of American beer. Jesting aside, the reason I mention the record store is because The Metallian recommends that you storm your local record store to buy this piece of 'True Black Metal.' The perfect antidote to all the watered down, false, trendy, K&F (keyboard and Female vocals) and juvenile so-called black metal, Black Dawn is an all-out onslaught of evil and malicious black metal armed with a good sound, sharp guitars and drums and vocals from the depths of hell. To make this delivery even more astonishing is the band's Finnish origin - talk about a diamond in the rough! - Ali "The Metallian"


Black Dawn