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History & Biography
This band was formed in the winter of 1995 using the Draugwath moniker. This early name was a combination of 'Draug' and 'Gwath' which means 'The spirit of the wolf' in Tolkien's middle-earth language. At this point the line-up was singer/guitarist Abysslooker, singer Nightshadow and bass player Para Bellum. The band utilized a drum machine.
The first demo Dwellers Of The Cursed Forest was recorded in October of 1995. The band formed the Hungry AK-47 Productions and released its own demo. Nightshadow was asked to leave the band.
The band was joined by drummer Ereth in 1996. The band also changed its name to Black Draugwath. At this point a further rehearsal demo entitled Apocalyptic Songs was issued.
In February of 1997 the act visited Oranienbaum Studio and recorded some new material, utilizing a drum machine again, of which two songs appeared on the split-tape with Celestia. A year later the act recorded an album called Saturn Sector - albeit without Ereth who had to sit out the session due to problems with drugs. It is at this point that a new name was picked. Blackdeath was signed by Germany's Sombre Records and issued the album in early 2001. A 7" EP called The Grave Of The Light preceded the album. The EP features three songs from the same recording session as the album.
The full-length was re-released, with bonus songs, in 2002 by ISO666. The same label issued the band's follow-up Fucking Fullmoon Foundation in late 2002.
Cthulhu is a trance side-project.



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