No Reservations - 1975 - Island
Flyin' high - 1978 - Epic
Strikes - 1979 - ATCO
Tom Cattin' - 1980 - ATCO
Marauder - 1981- ATCO
Highway Song - 1982 - ATCO
Siogo - 1983 - ATCO
Vertical Smiles - 1984 - ATCO
Ricky Medlocke's Blackfoot - 1987 - Atlantic
Medicine Man - 1990 - MFN
After The Reign - 1994 - Bulletproof
On The Run – Live - 2004 - Disky
Fly Away – Live - 2011 - Blues Boulevard
Southern Native - 2016 - Loud & Proud

Blackfoot image
Fresh Garbage, Lynyrd Skynyrd>>Ricky Medlocke - Rick Krasowski

Lynyrd Skynyrd>>RICKY MEDLOCKE>>Lynyrd Skynyrd - Charlie Hagrett>>No Name, Dixie All-Stars, Hargrett-Thomas, Black Molly, Trigger City - Neal Casal>>Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Solo, Hazy Malaze, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Hard Working Americans, GospelbeacH, Circles Around The Sun - Warp Drive, Moxy Roxx>>Mark Woerpel>>Warp Drive, Them Pesky Kids - The Jimmie Van Zant Band, Black Oak Arkansas>>Tim Rossi

Greg T. Walker>>Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cross Country - Lizzy Borden>>Rikki Meyer - Mother's Finest>>Wizzard - The Dictators, Twisted Sister>>Mark Mendoza [Mark Glickman] - Lizzy Borden>>Rikki Mayr - Intimate Acts>>Tim Stunson - Brian Carpenter>>The Apocalypse Blues Revue

Axe>>Jackson Spires>>Axe - The Almighty Strut, No Mercy>>Gunner Ross>>Ted Nugent - Whiteface, Paul Davis>>Benny Rapa>>Ted Nugent - Fellowbliss, Doral Thieves>>Matt Anastasi>>Before The Fire

The Gods, Head Machine, Toe Fat, Weed, Uriah Heep>>Ken Hensley>>John Lawton, John Wetton, Ken Hensley, W.A.S.P, Solo, Sunrize - Axe>>Bobby Barth>>Solo - Mother's Finest>>Doug Bare - P-Funk, 420 Funk Mob, SeepeopleS , Lynyrd Skynyrd>>Peter Keys [Peter Michaelsen Pisarczyk]>>Lynyrd Skynyrd, Smoky White Devils

History & Biography
The band changed its name from Hammer to Blackfoot in 1970 as there was another Hammer doing the rounds. The monicker recalled the members' native heritage. Medlocke and bassist Walker joined Lynyrd Skynyrd, which put an end to Blackfoot. Medlocke played drums on one Lynard Skynard album before reforming Blackfoot in Jacksonville, Florida in 1972. Hensley joined in 1982. The band appeared at Reading festival in 1982. The band had that certain southern twang and was obviously very Indian-influenced - except possibly Siogo and Vertical Smiles!? The act disbanded when Medlocke committed to Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1997. The band reappeared in 2004. Founding member Hargrett was with the act and stayed until 2011. Bobby Barth of Axe fronted the band. Barth had to withdraw when he required back surgery. Then Medlock hired a number of newcomers to resurrect the band in 2012. Blackfoot released its first album in 20 years, Southern Native, in 2016. Rick Krasowski, who left right away, was on vocals and guitar. Kenny Lawrence became the singer, Drew Spencer and Stuart McConnell took over guitar, Chief Spires bass and Dave Somerville the drums in 2021. All-new members and cast of characters has been joined by Medlocke live occasionally.

Siogo stands for Suck It Or Get Out.

The band's erstwhile drummer Jackson Spires died on March 16th, 2005 due to a brain aneurysm in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Thrash metal band Exodus covered the band's Good Morning on its The Lunatic Parade single of 1990.