Burst Rats>>Half Breed>>BLACK HORIZON - FRANCE

The Choice - 2010 – Pervade
Dark Light – 2019 – Pure Steel

Black Horizon image
S= Bruno Crispino - Stratageme>>ALEX PUISEUX
G= Alex Bassali – SEB CRISPINO

The French metal band was formed in 1991 as Burst Rats, and then changed its monicker to Half Breed before settling on Black Horizon in 1998. Several demos came before the group’s debut album. These were Did You Hear It?, The First Door and Time Is My Enemy. The debut was supported through shows all over Europe. The group reappeared in 2019 and issued Dark Light.


Black Horizon’s album is a Pervade release, but was sent to Metallian Towers by Inferno Records for whatever reason. Not sure what the connection between the two labels is. The Choice is a good, er, choice for fans of true heavy metal. These Frenchmen pack a good dose of Iron Maiden circa 1980 - 1983. Several rotations later, many shades of early Helloween from the initial 1985 EP can also be heard. The band is tepid on occasion, which is regretful because the faster paced songs are the band’s best. Tower is a good song, but On The Battlefield (funny how it is printed in an elegant cursive font) is likely the group’s tour de force. The song reminds me of another, but just cannot place it. The momentum for the band picks up in tandem with its pace, speed and tempo.
The Choice is probably a concept album. There is an accented intro and a replica outro that hints as such. It seems to revolve around visions and evil powers, but cannot be sure here. The album has vacant spots in its songs, but overall the production is crystal clear courtesy of veteran producer Achim Köhler who has mixed and mastered the disc. – Anna Tergel


Black Horizon