Alma... Uma Floresta De Dor – 2007 - Winterreich
Melancholy Of A Pagan Bucolic Spirit – 2010 - Legion Blotan
This Rain Is The Weeping Of Forefathers – 2012 - Discipline
O Sangue E A Terra – 2015 – Darker Than Black
Return Of Primordial Stillness – 2018 – Signal Rex

Black Howling image
S= P.
G= A.
B= A.
D= P.

The band was formed in 2001 and issued the Forgotten Land, Throne And Crown demo two years later. Flagellation Reigns Eternity was the title for the 2004 demo. Drummer Odium left and the act became a two-some. Hell War Productions issued the Wolf Metal mini-cassette in the same year. Several split releases and demos lead to the one-track Alma... Uma Floresta De Dor in 2007. This would become a pattern for the band. Portugal-based Black Howling will issue Return Of Primordial Stillness through Signal Rex on the 27th of July.



Black Howling