Trouble In The Streets - 1985 - Enigma

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S= Texas Boy Choir, Ozz>>WILLIE BASSE>>Solo
G= Walth Anthony – Scotland>>Paul Gilbert>>Racer X, Mr. Big - BRIAN CONROY - MARSHALL HARRISON
B= Scott Michaels - Ozz>>WILLIE BASSE
D= Lonnie Silrm - Kingdom Come>>JAMES KOTTAK>>Scorpions, The Foundry, Kingdom Come, Solo, A New Revenge

Black Sheep was conceived in LA and released one album in the eighties with the listed line up. However the band featured many graduates during its years like Slash and Randy Castillo. 1999 saw the release of an EP on Basse's Rocks Cool Records entitled Sacrifice. Basse is a LA businessman who has also worked with classical and hip hop acts. He formed a new record company with producer Bill Metoyer and former Poison/Stryper, etc. manager Vicky Hamilton in 2004. The singer was also cutting a new studio album.



Black Sheep