Symptoms Of A Common Sickness – 2013 - Revalve
Echoes Of Dying Memories – 2019 – Black Lion

S= Beyond The Dark, Eyeconoclast>>GIUSEPPE MASSIMILIANO DI GIORGIO>>Beyond The Dark, Eyeconoclast
G= Daniele Rizzo - Lorenzo "Kallo" Carlini - DAVIDE CELLETTI – Reaktor, Eathrow, Alkol>>ANDREA MATALONI>>Alkol
B= Alessandro Finocchiaro – Invernoir>>LORENZO "KALLO" CARLINI>>Invernoir
D= Invernoir>>Luca Soldati>>Invernoir – Chthonian Nemeton, Enemynside, Kaledon, Aurion, Mysterhydden>>LUCA MARINI>>Mysterhydden

The Rome-based act was founded in 2009. The 2010 demo was called Through This Path. Revalve signed the band and issued an album called Symptoms Of A Common Sickness. The same label also issued the 2014 EP The Final Outcome, which featured a cover version of a New Wave song. Several members defected in 2017. Carlini switched to bass. Italy-based melodic death metal band Black Therapy signed with Black Lion Records in the autumn of 2018 for a new album, called Echoes Of Dying Memories, due in 2019.



Black Therapy