Another Dimension – 1996 – Lard
Ground Flare – 2006 – Black-Listed
The Past And The Future – 2010 – Black-Listed
The Phoenix Never Dies – 2015 – Black-Listed

S= Jeff Rowe – Eiji Yokoyama – Iron Steel, Bravestaker, Arcadia>>Shuji Izaki>>Chainsoul Blood, Arqphonia, Grazie, Resistarea – Heritage>>HAMMY [KAORU IIHAMA]
G= Bravestaker, Duel>>SHOJI YASUNO>>Duel, Bravestaker – Heritage>>TAKASHI SATOU
B= Yoshio Enari – Mortal Gaze, Xanadu, Azrael>>KENTARO SASAGAWA
D= Tatsuya Takeyari>>Hydra – Inspire>>TAKASHI YANO>>Inspire

Yokohama is a city south of Tokyo and a major commercial centre. Blasdead was founded here in 1990. Self-titled demos appeared in 1992 and 1993. The band picked a name and called the 1995 demo Try Your Faith. All the early members, aside from Yasuno, had left. Lard Records put the buckets of X-Mas KFC aside long enough to release the band’s debut album. The band went silent until 2001’s Mechanical Civilization demo. The band toured South Korea. Izaki had left after a Japanese tour with Tankard in 1999. Chappy Kida of Sleazy Wizard had fronted the band immediately after Izaki. Yoshio Enari was hospitalized, which delayed the band’s activities in 2005. Another five years from the demo went by until Black-Listed stepped in for album number ni in 2006. A British label licensed this album. Early singer Izaki returned in 2007 and stayed four years. That was all fine and good except the band was back in demo land for Official bootleg in 2009. The Past And The Future was again on Black-Listed. Third album meant the third singer was on microphone. The Phoenix Never Dies saw the band act as a quintet, which is how the act had begun.