Fallen Angel Of Doom - 1990 - Wild Rags
Gods Of War - 1993 - Osmose
Live Ritual - Friday The 13th - 2002 - Displeased
Victory (Son Of The Damned) – 2018 - Nuclear War Now!

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Apostacy>>Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds>>Apostacy - Apostacy, Death Worship>>NOCTURNAL GRAVE DESECRATOR AND BLACK WINDS [GERRY JOSEPH BUHL]>>Apostacy, Death Worship

CALLER OF THE STORMS [GEOFF DRAKES] - Witches Hammer>>Traditional Sodomizer Of The Goddess Of Perversity [Marco Banco]>>Chargers, Witches Hammer – Conqueror, Death Worship>>DEATHLORD OF ABOMINATION AND WAR APOCALYPSE [RYAN FORSTER]>>Death Worship

Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds [Gerry Joseph Buhl] - Necrosleezer>>Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer And Vaginal Commands [Darren]>>Necrosleezer, Tumult, Grimbane – Necrosleezer>>BESTIAL SAVIOUR OF THE UNDEAD LEGIONS [KELLY SOLAR]>>Necroholocaust, Morbosidad

Necrosleezer, Tumult>>3 BLACK HEARTS OF DAMNATION AND PURITY [SEAN STONE]>>Necrosleezer, Tumult

History & Biography
Canada's Blasphemy wins the award for the most innovative and drawn-out names in all of metal. Blasphemy was one of the original black metal bands of the second wave. The band was initially formed in 1984 by singer/bassist Nocturnal Grave... and drummer 3 Black Hearts..., but it isn't until 1986 that the band is officially knighted Blasphemy. Shows with Procreation and Witches Hammer follow. Armed with added distortion and noise, the charmingly-named band members ravaged the cemeteries of British Colombia influencing band after zombie band. A demo called Blood Upon The Altar is recorded at Fiasco Brothers Studio in 1989.

As word spreads about the black metal skinheads, the band sells over 1,000 demos and founds a European fan club run by Sarcofago Fan Club (and later Kataklysm Fan Club) president Evil Ludo. Evil Ludo forms the Evil Omen label years later. The band spurs on rumours of Satanic involvement and grave desecration in particular at the Ross Bay Cemetery. At this point Traditional Sodomizer... replaces Black Priest Of The 7 Satanic Blood Rituals. Live shows take the band into the United States and after a visit to Wild Rags the band signs with the label and releases Fallen Angel Of Doom. The album is again recorded at the Fiasco Brothers Studio where it is boosted by some artificially-added noise and distortion for maximum effect. The band claims to have been arrested during the photo sessions for the album where Nocturnal is seen desecrating tombstones. The band claims to have sold thousands of records here and severely ripped off by Wild Rags. Traditional Sodomizer... leaves and is replaced by original Black Priest... Simultaneously Nocturnal concentrates on vocals, and the band recruits bassist Ace Gustapo...

After some dormant times, the band signs to France's Osmose, records a new album at Fiasco Brothers and seems to have found a new lease on life hitting Europe for a live tour with compatriots Gorguts and later for another tour with Immortal and Rotting Christ. The band's activities and label relationship is cut short when a band member is allegedly arrested in the Amsterdam International Airport carrying a girl friend and some narcotics. The band claims drummer 3 Black Hearts was rowdy on the aeroplane. Nocturnal Grave.... leaves the fold.

In 1996 a band called Necrosleezer is formed by two members, but doesn't go far after the duo fail to obtain a deal. Nocturnal also fails to go far with Apostacy. After years of dormant status, the band reformed for the year 2001 and began recording and touring again. Part of the line-up is former Conqueror man R. Forster a.k.a. Deathlord... A reformation show was arranged for Friday the 13th of July, 2001 and recorded for a vinyl release by Nuclear War Now! Productions. This release is limited to 666 copies. A year later the same is released on CD, with bonus songs, to ostensibly combat bootlegging. After years of absence Blasphemy would release Victory (Son Of The Damned) DLP through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 11th of July. Blasphemy’s Blood Upon the Soundspace LP was out through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 15th of September 2018. The label claimed this was the first official release of a rarely heard 1989 rehearsal recording called Blood Upon the Soundspace. It was recorded live at the band’s rehearsal space. Necrosleezer’s Pope Kill 12" MLP/CD was out through Nuclear War Now! Productions. This was a project stemming from 1995 following Blasphemy’s dissolution and featuring Blasphemy singer and bassist Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer and Blasphemy drummer 3 Black Hearts Of Damnation. This material was the erstwhile Recruit For Conflict demo.

The group was booked at Canada's Messe Des Morts Festival alongside DHG/Dødheimsgardl, Sabathan and others in late 2023.


As many know West Coast's Blasphemy has reformed, give or take a member or two, and released a limited and live vinyl EP on Nuclear War Now! last year. The honour of releasing the CD version, complete with rehearsal bonus tracks for a total of 75 minutes, has befallen Displeased Records. Fans will delight in the sheer wall of noise on this disc. The band plays nearly all the hits of course. Others may rejoice knowing that Blasphemy delivers a Venom-gone-Sodom-turned-brutal brand of black metal that is sheer underground. All that as it may, the genuine moments of pleasure are supplied via the instances of unintended hilarity on this disc. Recorded in Vancouver, the CD begins not with an intro, but whatever rock song the club's P.A. was playing that night. Can you say bonus music? Take a look inside the CD booklet and you will see Caller Of The Storms live on stage next to one of those Molson Beer posters reading 'I Am Canadian.' Hello Miss Indy! The band's set comes to end with song number thirteen called Ritual. What do the fans get as a farewell? Blues Brothers! Remember the line, 'you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here'? Cult to the core. As for the sound, well imagine a Budokan recording. Now imagine how the other end of the scale would sound like. Now you know what is in store for you. Oh, did I mention the live recordings interrupted by a call from the bar proclaiming 'last call, last call at the bar!!' immortalized forever on this CD?