Rotten Flesh>>Undivine>>Daemonum>>BLAZEMTH - SPAIN

The Return Of Lucifer – 2022 - Lucifer

Blazemth image

G= Lord Erlick [Javi]>>Falç

B= Gothician>>ELDAR

D= Hisarr Zul

History & Biography
Volkhaar and Lord Erlick were the official founders. The band released the demos Daemonium and Unholycaust. The Spaniards released one EP on Abstract Emotions called For Centuries Left Behind and another EP called Fatherland in 1996, which show cased an atmospheric band with the usual keyboards before disbanding in 1997.

The reformation occurred in 2017 and so out came Abstract Emotion once again with a band compilation called Dragon Blaze. The group had singer and bassist Abel Marín and guitarist Búfal of Eczema in its ranks, but members came and went with abandon. Xtreem released The Return Of Lucifer in 2022. There was an advance song called Visions Of My Dark Soul. Volkhaar stood alone here.