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Blessed Curse - 2012 - Cyclone Empire


B= Pat Hamby – DAN KEENAN


The band was formed in 2001 as Atrosity just north of Sacramento in California, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the Fuck Everything! Demo came out. Singer and guitarist Tyler Satterlee and drummer Derek Bean were part of the founding line-up. The name changed to Devastator in December of 2006. The band had spent the intervening years playing covers of Slayer, Iron Maiden and Metallica. This was followed by demos called Crush And Kill, Slaughtered Like Pigs... and Burn The Beast. In the interim, the band signed with Salem Rose Music, headed by Marco Barbieri, in 2008. The group also played shows with the likes of M.O.D. and Agent Steel. California’s Rattlehead (from L.A.) and Devastator (from Sacramento) teamed up to tour the US in the summer of 2009. The tour, called Slaughtering The Masses, started in July. '80s thrashers Exumer would headline a festival on May 29th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California alongside bands like Fueled By Fire and Devastator.

In early 2011 Devastator changed its name to Blessed Curse in order to avoid confusion with the others people doing devastating in USA, Canada, Italy, Poland and probably every else. The band also recruited Clark Webb as a rhythm guitarist. The band signed to Cyclone Empire for Europe and was recording an album. The full-length was recorded at Trident Studio with Juan Urteaga. The band shared the stage with Destruction, DRI, Bonded By Blood and others. M-Theory Audio issued the 2017 EP, Beware Of The Night.


This California trio was once called Atrosity. The band had to change their name because Atrocity was taken but then they went ahead and chose a moniker that is even more certain to have been taken, not to mention that they surely should and would have known that Atrocity was already taken. Questionable decision-making aside Devastator is early thrash and speed metal with clear roots in Flag Of Hate era Kreator, Violence, Testament and Exodus. Devastator also dab into something that was once called crossover and played by the likes of DRI. Burn The Beast is the band’s fourth demo, it contains five songs running at 28 minutes with perhaps better than expected and strong production courtesy of Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head). Two of the songs, March Of The Wicked and Rise Of The Undead, are not new and are featured on Burn The Beast in 'revised formats'. Good, nostalgic fun. Feel the blast at - Anna Tergel

Blessed Curse, formerly Devastator, might have a new name, but the American three are still thrashing like it’s 1991. This stuff is real, headbanging, hard, fast and makes no apologies for its traditional rout to annoying the masses young and, especially, old.
Blessed Curse’s full-length features a handsome lad on the cover who is tearing himself apart as someone is (probably) playing Korn in the background. The good-looking chap is also a feature poster inside the album’s lyric sheet. For comparison’s sake the sound could be described as a cross between Devastation (Idolatry) and Exodus (Bonded By Blood). Tyler Sattlerlee is not thrash metal’s most charismatic singer, but he can carry a dangerous snarl. The guitar playing, especially the solos, rip though. Kudos to the gang for bringing shredding back to the fore. The sound, while not the best, is fine for a band of this status and genre. The album was apparently was self-recorded. Blessed Curse is a ripping album with heavy material. In fact, the worst thing about it is yet another redundant cover version of a Black Sabbath song. - Ali “The Metallian”


Blessed Curse