The Sane Asylum - 1987 - MFN


S= MARK BIEDERMANN - Blizzard, Possessed>>Larry Lalonde>>Primus
G= Blue Oyster Cult>>MARK BIEDERMANN>>Blue Oyster Cult
B= Les Claypool>>Primus, Jerry Cantrell, Oyster Head, Duo De Twang
D= Blizzard>>Mike Miner


Blind Illusion was a relatively popular Bay Area speed metal band. The band had existed under many guises as early as 1978 and featured Heathen's David Godfrey at one point. Demos in 1981, 1983 and 1985 brought the band’s power/speed metal to the underground. The band was the meeting place of Lalonde and Claypool of rock band Primus. The group’s sole album was produced by Metallica’s Kirk Hammet who had also recorded Death Angel’s debut. Claypool had earlier auditioned for Metallica, but lost out to Jason Newsted. There have been rumours of renewed activity and the release of unreleased music over the years. The album demonstrates a progressive band severely in need of a production budget. Biedermann resurrected the band with a number of newer musicians for a bunch of digital tracks called Demon Master in 2013, which demonstrated any metal in this band is an unsighted delusion.



Blind Illusion