Symphony Of Delusions - 2005 - Arise
The Dividing Line -2012 - Inverse

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G= ANDERS ÖSTRÖM - Burning Winter, Pressure Points>>JAAKKO LEHTINEN>>Burning Winter, Pressure Points
B= Northern Invasion, Warhorn>>Kalle Lahti>>Northern Invasion, Warhorn, Nightside - Silver Bullet>>OSSI ELONEN>>Silver Bullet
D= Northern Invasion>>TIMO PALOKANKARE>>Northern Invasion
K= Tuomas Riihimäki>>Shades Of Nowhere

The Turku band of Finns was formed in 1999 by high school friends guitarists Anders Öström, Heikki Raisio and drummer Henry Valkonen. The band had been an instrumental one until 2001 when Eino had joined. Heikki Raisio, Henry Valkonen and bassist Tuomas would come and go. Eino Tuominen (the webmaster for Dreamtale's website) joined the band in 2002. When Jaakko joined in 2002 the band also found itself a rehearsal place in his garage. and soon began releasing demos by names like Collapsing Dreamworlds, Demo 2002, Ender (recorded at the rehearsal space for Dreamtale), Once A True Story, Demo, 2003 and The Reborn Genius in 2004. The last CD garnered the band a recording contract with the enterprising Arise Records. The band entered Noisecamp (formerly Musamuusa) studio during the 2005 New Year period. The official full-length debut was called Symphony Of Delusions and was released in May, 2005 while several band members were suffering their mandatory military service. A second album was expected on Arise, but the band found the label had fone out of business.

Demo 2009 signalled that the band is around, albeit without a label, There was a keyboard player now. Arise Records had folded after issuing the band's debut. Ossi Elonen joined on bass in 2010. Several of these songs appeared on the eventual 2012 album, which was recorded in 2010 and mixed in 2011. The band uploaded a song called Broken Red in 2019. The band also played a twentieth anniversary concert with Gladenfold in 2019 before going back to sleep.


It is a fact that the people in Finland know very little about heavy metal. Blind Stare is yet another Finnish band with keyboards harbouring delusions of being metal and sounding like a cross between Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir and even Mercenary. It is so typical. Past the customary instrument of commercial pop music, the synthesizers, Blind Stare employs some variety in its music. The sextet has a commercial intent and is hardly heavy not only because of the happy mainstream sound of the keyboards, but also because this type of thing is so routinely typical of young Finnish bands with their sheep mentality and conveyor belt approach. The band's orchestral parts occasionally go into hyperspeed which has the effect of sounding like a high-pitched siren, while the vocals are mostly of the screechy screamy kind with some clean singing and growls mixed into the fray. My Black Letter has a treble solo, Ender is quite commercial with keyboards dominating it, The Silent Song is not a slow song, but is very commercial with an almost techno style, chanting and a clean solo. All For The Unspoken, in contrast, is heavier and begins with a foreboding bass. The riffs are beefier, the screaming wild and has almost no keyboards. More songs like this could have almost resuscitated this disc.
Symphony Of Delusions is appropriately named and is frankly the same old Finnish song and dance. - Ali "The Metallian"


Blind Stare