Nosferatu - 2006 - Metal Heaven
Book Of The Dead - 2007 - Metal Heaven
Tabula Rasa - 2009 - Blistering
Unholy Cross - 2011 - AFM
In The Name Of Metal - 2012 - AFM
Stormborn – 2014 – AFM
War Of Dragons – 2017 - AFM
Rise Of The Dragon Empire – 2019 – AFM
Creatures Of The Dark Realm – 2021 - AFM

S= Harbinger, Solitude, Tad Morose>>Urban Breed>>Pyramaze – Jürgen Blackmore, The Sygnet>>Michael Bormann – Harbinger, Solitude, Tad Morose, Pyramaze>>Urban Breed>>Pyramaze – Dawn Of Silence, Shadowquest, Tales And Legends>>PATRIK "PATA" JOHANSSON/PATRIK J SELLEBY>>Dawn Of Silence, Shadowquest, Tales And Legends
B= Force Line, Street Talk>>Fredrik Bergh - Emerald, The Storyteller>>Johan Sohlberg>>The Storyteller - ANDERS BROMAN
D= Detonator, Eating Man>>Oskar Belin - Morgana Lefay>Pelle Akerlind>>Morgana Lefay, Trail Of Murder – Billion Dollar Babies, Mandrake, Twilight Force, Follow The Cipher>>DANIEL SJÖGREN>>Mandrake, Twilight Force, Follow The Cipher
K= Force Line, Street Talk>>FREDRIK BERGH

Bloodbound was assembled by former Street Talk people in the summer of 2004, but was joined by former Tad Morose singer Urban Breed in 2005. The band’s debut, a concept, boasted at least 100-channels of recordings on each song and was issued by Metal Heaven in European and Avalon in Japan. The band announced several new members all at once in May of 2006. They were guitarist Markus Albertson and drummer Pelle Åkerlind of Memento Mori fame. Vocalist Urban Breed also quit the band in order to focus on his own project in the summer of 2006. He was also ostensibly unhappy with his hired-hand status. Memento Mori’s (and indeed Tad Morose’s and Wuthering Heights) former vocalist Kristian André joined the band soon thereafter. Henrik Olsson. Tomas’ younger brother also joined on rhythm guitar. In a further twist, the band recruited German vocalist Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart, Bonfire and Rain) in March of 2007 and was writing new music. Surprisingly, singer Urban Breed who had left the band in 2006 amidst acrimony rejoined Bloodbound. The singer had been on the road with the band as well. Breed joined Pyramaze in 2008 replacing Matt Barlow who had returned to Iced Earth.

Bloodbound signed a worldwide deal with Blistering Records in late 2008. The band's third album, Tabula Rasa, was released in early 2009. Bloodbound again parted ways with vocalist Urban Breed due to "musical and personal differences" in 2010. He had been replaced him with a Patrik "Pata" Johansson. Urban Breed joined US band Dark Empire half way through 2010. Urban replaced Jens Carlsson (Persuader and Savage Circus) who had left in 2008.

Bloodbound signed a deal with Germany's AFM Records. The band's fourth album, Unholy Cross, was due in March. Bassist Johan Sohlberg has left the band however to focus on his job and has been replaced by Anders Broman. Swedish band Bloodbound released its fifth full-length album, In The Name Of Metal, on November 7th, 2012 through AFM Records. Johansson became Selleby. The album was recorded with producer Jonas Kjellgren. Bloodheads United was a mostly live 2020 EP. The Italy-based power metal band Tales And Legends, formed by Patrik J. had a 2021 demo called Struggle Of The Gods.