Death By A Clothes Hanger - 1988 - Wild Rags

Bloodcum image

G= JOHN ARAYA>>Godmatic - Legion Of Doom>>ROBERT TOVAR>>Legion Of Doom - GEORGE HIERRO

B= JOHN ARAYA>>Godmatic, Thine Eyes Bleed - Legion Of Doom>>ROBERT TOVAR>>Legion Of Doom - GEORGE HIERRO

D= Jimmy Sotelo

History & Biography
Not to be confused by the later Dutch band of the same name, this Huntington Park outfit was better known for having two Slayer brothers in its ranks. The truth, however, was that Joey Hanneman's real last name was Fuchs. Fuchs was a close friend of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman, but was not his brother. There was also a 1987 EP called Bloodcum which was the band's demo on vinyl. Jimmy Sotelo was later replaced by Raul Calzada formerly of hardcore band Tormentor. Araya went on to form Godmatic and later worked for Slayer on the road. He also continued to record on his 8-track, but nothing was released. Robert Tovar later formed hardcore outfit Legion Of Doom and recorded material in 2003.

In 2004, the band tentatively reformed with Jimmy, Robert and George back for another round. Araya also joined Canada’s Thine Eyes Bleed. Singer Joey Fuchs returned to the fold in May, 2005.