Sleaze Merchants - 2003 - Razorback
Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse! - 2006 - Razorback
Multiplex Massacre - 2007 - Razorback
Mindscraper - 2011 - Willowtip
Squalor – 2014 – Willowtip
Total Destruction Of The Human Form – 2017 – Horror Pain Gore Death

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Putrified Mass, Pogo The Clown>>JASON GRINTER>>Putrified Mass, Pogo The Clown


Putrified Mass, Pogo The Clown>> JASON GRINTER>>Putrified Mass, Pogo The Clown

Andy Reed

History & Biography
Jason Grinter and Andy Reed formed Blood Freak in August of 1988 in Anaheim, California. Jason originally played guitar until the duo came across Jon Sellier at a local concert. Soon after they started jamming in Jon's basement.

A demo was recorded in December of that year. In July of 1990 they entered Sonic Tracks Studios to record a full-length armed with $700 borrowed from Jason's Dad. The album was to have 26 songs and be titled Blood, Blood And More Blood. In the midst of the recording the drum tracks Jon and Andy had a huge argument forcing Andy to leave the band. The duo originally intended to forge on, but the act soon split up. The band members played in several local bands in the ‘90s until the original recording were remastered for a release by Razorback Records.

The Sleaze Merchants CD eventually appeared in November of 2003. The band recruited a new drummer at the same time.

Blood Freak signed a two-album deal with Willowtip Records in late 2010. The band's next album, Mindscraper (formerly Scared Stiff) would be released in March. Blood Freak was previously on Razorback Records. Blood Freak’s Total Destruction Of The Human Form album was out on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on October 31st.


Where does Razorback Records find this stuff? Here is an exhumed gore metal CD supposedly originally recorded between 1988 and 1990 and updated and given the digital treatment for 2003. Is this for real? This band was belting out the blood and pus a la Impetigo and Carcass so long ago. The two vocals are gargling glass, the guitars are more down-tuned than ever and the result is heavier than Elvis' waist line. The CD's graphics is in utter bad tatste which is another thing Razorback always delivers. - Ali "The Metallian"


Blood Freak