Starspawn – 2016 – Dark Descent
Hidden History Of The Human Race – 2019 – Dark Descent

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Ancestortooth, Merkstave, Leech, Abysmal Dimensions, Chthonic Deity>>PAUL RIEDL>>Merkstave, Leech, Abysmal Dimensions, Chthonic Deity

Maliblis, Black Curse, Nekrofilth, Spectral Voice>>MORRIS KOLONTYRSKY>>Black Curse, Nekrofilth, Spectral Voice – Munn, Merkstave, Ancestortooth, Leech, Spectral Voice, Abysmal Dimensions, Chthonic Deity>>PAUL RIEDL>>Leech, Merkstave, Abysmal Dimensions, Chthonic Deity

Velnias, Spectral Voice>>JEFF BARRETT>>Spectral Voice

Centimani, Stoic Dissention, Wayfarer, Stormkeep, Abysmal Dimensions, Lykotonon>>ISAAC FAULK>>Centimani, Stoic Dissention, Wayfarer, Stormkeep, Abysmal Dimensions, Lykotonon

History & Biography
This band was founded as a death metal band in 2011 and issued two albums as such. However, it changed direction on its Century Media 2022 EP Timewave Zero and, after having multiple extraneous influences, went for broke with a drone and ambient output. Naturally, mainstream media quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Space and extraterrestrial topics had also been with the band consistently.

The band’s early demos were Blood Incantation of 2013, Demo II of 2013 and Astral Spells. Interdimensional Extinction was a 2015 12”. Bassist Barrett was added in 2015. Live Vitrification was a 2018 demo. A tour with Wolves In The Throne Room was cancelled in 2021. The band was touring Europe in the summer of 2022 including shows with Kreator, Lamb Of God and Party.San and Brutal Assault festivals. Obituary, Immolation, Blood Incantation and Ingrown were to tour the USA in April 2023. The band, Mayhem, Gorguts and Cannibal Corpse were to tour Canada and the USA that autumn. The group had spent a month in Berlin, Germany recording new music earlier. The band was booked for Roadburn Festival in 2024. The group was booked for Inferno Metal Festival 2025.

Every member is in half a dozen other projects.



Blood Incantation