Monument Of Death - 2001 - Hammerheart
Affiliated With The Suffering - 2003 - Hammerheart
Altered Genesis - 2004 - Earache
Come Death - 2007 - Earache
Souls Of Damnation - 2009 - Earache
Brutalitarian Regime - 2011 - Sevared
Blood Red Throne - 2013 – Sevared
Union Of Flesh And Machine – 2016 - Candlelight
Fit To Kill – 2019 - Mighty
Imperial Congregation - 2021 – Nuclear Blast
Nonagon - 2024 - Soulseller

Blood Red Throne image
Cobolt 60, Trioxin>>Mr. Hustler [Flemming Gluch]>>Cobolt 60, Trioxin, Vitriol - Trioxin, Goatlord>>Osvald "Vald" Egeland>>Goatlord, Blot, Valdaudr - Concussion, Goddamn, Grimfist>>Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen>>Goddamn, Grimfist - Deception, Celestial Scourge>>SINDRE WATHNE JOHNSEN>>Deception, Celestial Scourge

Einherjer, Emperor, Satyricon, Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest>>Tchort [Terje Vik Schei]>>Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest, The 3rd Attempt - Scariot, Satyricon, Cobolt 60, Zerozonic>>DØD [DANIEL OLAISON]>>Scariot, Cobolt 60, Zerozonic – Goatlord, Brutal Massacre, Neongod>>IVAN GUJIC>>Neongod

Apostasy, Dismal Euphony, Trioxin>>Erlend Caspersen>>Dismal Euphony, Deeds Of Flesh, Trioxin - Horizon Ablaze>>Ole Bent Madsen>>Horizon Ablaze, Pyrrhic – Glimt, The Dark Nebula, You Suffer>>STIAN GUNDERSEN>>Glimt, The Dark Nebula, You Suffer

Freddy Bolsø>>Scariot, Enslaved - Slagmark>>Espen "Beist" Antonsen>>The Sickening – In Vain>>Anders Haalve – Slaughterous, Aeon, Fetus Stench>>Emil Wiksten>>Aeon, Fetus Stench – Enslaved, Scariot>>FREDDY BOLSØ

History & Biography
Blood Red Throne was formed by Død and Emperor's Tchort as his death metal project in 1998. The latter was in Satyricon at the time and was incarcerated for assault before the turn of the century. Ronnie Thorsen of Scariot sang on the Deathmix 2000 demo. The band also appeared on Necropolis Records Nordic Metal II compilation. Monument Of Death, recorded at Dub Studio, was allegedly censored by distributors for indecent cover art. In 2002 the band issued a stopgap EP called A Taste For Blood, recruited Antonsen and also finished the recording for the upcoming full-length album entitled Affiliated With The Suffering. The line-up was vocalist Mr Hustler, Tchort and Død on Guitars, bassist Erlend Caspersen and Espen "Beist" Antonsen on drums. It was announced in late 2003 that the band had signed a multi-album deal with Earache Records and was working on a new album called Altered Genesis. The album appeared in December 2004. Apparently, the group finished recording its next album in April of 2009, Souls Of Damnation, to be released on June 1st through the English label Earache Records. A limited edition CD commemorated the band’s tenth anniversary. Dimmu Borgir would undertake a 32-date North American tour in November and December of 2010. Support on the tour came from Enslaved, Blood Red Throne and Dawn Of Ashes. Blood Red Throne lost singer Osvald "Vald" Egeland and bassist Erlend Caspersen in the autumn of 2011 and replaced them with Yngve Bolt Christiansen (Goddamn) and Ole Bent Madsen (Horizon Ablaze) respectively. Tchort himself had left in the year before in April due to work and family comittments. Nonetheless, he would return to other bands soon enough. Blood Red Throne would release a self-titled album on May 21st, 2013 through Sevared Records. The album was recorded by Audun Grønnestad at Mayhem Music Studio and was mixed and mastered by Martin Berger Enerstvedt at Skar Productions. By this stage, only Død had been in the band since 1998. Freddy Bolsø returned in 2015. Mighty Music signed the band at the end of 2018. The band’s next full-length album, entitled Fit To Kill, was due in the summer. Stain Gundersen was on bass.

The band’s 2021 album was released through Nuclear Blast. Blood Red Throne signed a worldwide deal with Soulseller Records in 2023. The band was working on its next full-length, which was to be released in the second half of 2023 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the band. Singer Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen left however. Sindre Wathne Johnsen was drafted and would handle the bass for concerts as well. The band was booked for The Dortmund Deathfest, which was to take place in that city in Germany in August 2023. Benediction, Blood Red Throne, Hour Of Penance and Mithras, among others, were playing at Beyond The Grave IV in London, England on the weekend of November 24th/25th 2023. Blood Red Throne had a new full-length called Nonagon through Soulseller Records. It featured a self-cover version of 2023's Latrodectus.


Blood Red Throne is the band of former Emperor and current Green Carnation man Tchort, but do not stop reading now. This album rips heaven and hell apart and is bursting at the seams with ruthless power. Song after song on Altered Genesis is blessed (damned?) with a thick sound that is reminiscent of Bolt Thrower, but is played at supra-Deicide speeds and a tightness previously reserved for Sinister. The vocals are hellishly growling and the drummer, whoever it was on this album, punctuates with vehement force. These men are possessed. Hell, even the momentary bass guitar break slays.
Death metal connoisseurs will recognize Blood Red Throne's Altered Genesis as stylistically and substantially more pure than much of what has come recently and will come in the coming year on the metal scene. - Ali "The Metallian"


Blood Red Throne