A Pestilence Called Humanity - 2002 - Cartel
Ultimate Hatred - 2006 - Scarlet
Murder The World – 2008 - Scarlet

Bloodshot image
S= Trenchfoot>>STEF>>Trenchfoot

G= Ollie – JAY - Shaun Van Calster>>Age Of Torment, Resistance


D= Alex – Emptiness>>Antoine Twan>>Emptiness

History & Biography
Belgium’s Bloodshot was formed in a suburb of Brussels in 2000 with the intention of playing crossover and hardcore. The band issued a demo called Carnal Assault Upon A Godless World a year later. The gang signed to Finland’s Cartel Records and recorded a debut album in 2002. A long break later, the band began writing music for a new album, which took a 'death metal' direction. The second album was recorded in the spring of 2005 and issued a year later through Scarlet Records. The label had signed the band at the end of 2005. Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer, influenced the album’s title.


Bloodshot might look a bunch of Internal Bleeders or Pyrexiacs from Noo Yolk City, but the quintet hails from Brussels, Belgium. Be that as it may the looks do make sense. The group was founded as a hardcore unit some five years ago. That was the past. Bloodshot’s newer album is a heavy death metal strike along the lines of Torture Killer and Baphomet. The vocalist sounds inspired by Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes and Illdisposed’s Subwoofer. It is good stuff. The music is mostly mid-paced, but down and up shifts to suit the song. The obligatory movie samples are here, although the one used on Forever Soulless is particularly good. Also worth mentioning is the play on words embedded in the song title, C-Evil-Isation.
It is rare that bands improve, get heavier or get death metal religion. It is even more rare that the adopted style is this good. Bloodshot needs praise and support. Ultimate Hatred is a brutal feast. - Ali “The Metallian”